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Five Reasons to Watch ‘Care To Join Us?’

Care To Join Us? From Girlsway features ripe step mothers full of vitality working their sexual experience on younger women. A tantalizing collection of scenes starring Lily Larimar, Lauren Phillips, Emma Hix, Mackenzie Moss, Christie Stevens, Veronica Valentine, Silvia Saige, and Becky Bandini. GameLink is excited to host this exclusive VOD and give you five reasons to watch.

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Lesbian threesomes

All-girl threesomes, otherwise known as an angel’s three-way, are universally beloved. That’s why it’s worth noting that Care To Join Us? has not one but two all-girl threesome scenes. Mackenzie Moss, Silvia Saige, and Veronica Valentine share an orgasmic daughter-girlfriend-mom fuckathon. Meanwhile, Lauren Phillips, Becky Bandini, and Lily Larimar complete a red hot and hands-on sex education course. It’s not actually sex-ed, they just go to town on each other. Downtown.

Positive parental roles

Becky Bandini plays a caring and dedicated mother to Lily Larimar. When the bodacious busty redheaded teacher Lauren Phillips calls a meeting to discuss Lily’s failing grades, Becky steps into action to save her step-daughter. She seduces Lauren and works her way down her neck. Then she has Lily join in and shows her the (oral) techniques needed to change those Fs to As. Becky teaches her step-daughter to fend for herself and at the same time gets some dripping wet pleasure out of it. A win-win.

Emma Hix princess sex

It may not be eloquent but it’s royal! If there’s anything more boner-inducing than Emma Hix it’s Emma Hix dressed as a princess. Scratch that. It’s Emma Hix dressed as a princess, getting finger blasted under her princess skirt by Christie Stevens. In other words, it’s two royal princesses with shaking bodies. It’s like Game of Thrones but only the good scenes.

Mackenzie Moss wears a strap-on

Do I need to say anything else? Isn’t that a good enough reason to watch? Mackenzie Moss ramming Veronica Valentine’s pulsating hole with a massive strap-on is hard to beat. But don’t worry, they beat it! Silvia Saige is eating Mackenzie’s ass as she does it.

Promoting sex positivity among moms

We’ve all heard these tragic stories before: a long-time mother has the life and lust sucked out of her over the years by her disinterested partner, or mundane life. The sexy tigress she used to be is a distant memory to her. Then, she sends her nudes off to anyone who will give her the time of day. The scenes in Care To Join Us? show us mothers who retain their desire to bang! They join the younger women in their moments of hot sexual passion to never lose their fire. A life lesson we could all use.

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