Dorcel presents 'Hard.'

Five Reasons To Watch ‘Hard’ (Featured Video)

Hard is the latest feature from DORCEL and it’s just as sexy and intense as its title and cover art suggest. Imagine a world where your two favorite things collide to create an amazing escape for you and your partner to enjoy time after time as long as you stay in work hard and stay in shape and there’s the basic concept of the movie. Sports and sex are inseparable for our main characters and they take us on a journey of discovery as they learn how please each other while satisfying their competitive natures. I had a blast watching this one and I hope you guys do too.

Plot Oriented

I love a good story with my sex and Hard’s plot is entertaining, engaging, and sure to please. I won’t give away any spoilers, but the script is written wonderfully and the stars really bring it to life with their acting. The story comes to life as the characters develop right before your eyes and it enhances the sex instead of distracting from it, taking the passion, intensity, and chemistry all to the next level while you almost forget you’re watching a porno. Execution is everything when writing something for others to interpret and act out, and everyone was on the same page with this one. You can see all the time and effort that was put in ooze off the screen as each scene plays and you’re drawn deeper into the drama, sex, and training that’s continuously going on.


Sports are a huge part of my life, but they rarely cross my mind during freaky time (unless I’m trying out a new position and curse myself for not stretching first) which made me super interested in this movie the minute it was announced, and the combination worked a lot better than I expected. The entire cast is fit as fuck so they definitely look the part of athletes, but their performances during training sessions and in the gym are so relatable they may take you back to your college days if you played. The focus on sex is never lost, that is what we came for after all, but it’s shared with the high intensity sports theme and they serve to kind of push each other forward and upward as the movie plays. It doesn’t hurt that the stars fuck like you might imagine pro-am athletes getting down. Nobody wants to give up or give in, taking charge and being in the lead turns them on even more, and busting that nut is like crossing the finish line.

Group Sex

James Duval, Candie Luciani, Alex Romero, and Lauren Walker may have one a group sex award with this one and I am not kidding! The ladies star by putting on a show for the fellas, but it doesn’t take long for them to emerge from the shadows and join in on the action. Balance is always key during group sex and this foursome is a lesson illustrating why that’s so important and the results you get when you do it right. Attention is paid to all body parts, eye contact is on point, the playful banter and teasing are lite but definitely appreciated, and all four stars execute at such a high level it’s almost as if they trained for this scene. It’s also nice to see a mixture of passion and hardcore sex playing out in the same scene without one over taking the other.

Glitz & Glam

There may be lots of sports, physical activity, and sweat flying around, but it’s still DORCEL, and that means we can expect more glitz and glam than a-list celebrity party in Hollywood. Of course the stars are drop dead gorgeous, but the sets are brilliant and give off major money vibes, especially when it comes to Lauren and James fucking in the glass shower, or Shalina Devine and Marcello Bravo fucking in a dimly lit bedroom where the light hits them at the perfect angle at the perfect moment. There’s something about feeling high end that makes you feel happy and worthy, and that’s something DORCEL has been delivering for years, but every few months he raises the bar and takes things up a notch to create an even better feeling while still centering the focus on fucking and getting off.

Lesbian Action

Just about everyone likes watching beautiful women get it on, and that’s you, you’re definitely going to love Lauren and Shalina exploring each other’s lady parts after a training session. Both ladies are in relationships with men, but that doesn’t stop them from getting all hot and bothered with each other and it is exciting and hot to witness. Shalina is the aggressor, tempting Lauren on matters she’s willing to explore but not completely comfortable with. Quickly Lauren learns to get in where she fits in and before long she’s kissing, touching, rubbing, and licking places she’s only ever dreamed about. Full of new confidence the ladies roll in and out of various positions making sure to stay attentive to each other’s wants and needs, and of course, never losing site of that precious clitoris.


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