Five Reasons to Watch ‘Free Use Fantasies 3’ (Featured Video)

Have you ever wanted to enter a deal where you could have your way with a certain woman whenever you wanted? No matter the time, no matter the place? Free Use Fantasies 3 from Team Skeet explores the many thrilling ways the free use sexual concept can be used to satisfy your deepest sexual cravings.

You love threesomes

Not only do you love threesomes, you love free use! Dare I say…freesomes? The free use concept is the ultimate form of liberation, salvation, and of course, pleasure. Any time, anywhere, any place, these girls are ready to be fucked at will, and it’s their kink. Add in the use of a third partner and you’ve got so much more fun. So many more possibilities, and two people who you can play out your every sexual desire with. That’s why Free Use Fantasies 3 is as appealing to watch as it is to fantasize about.

Alice Visby and Dixie Lynn’s bedroom chemistry

Whenever you get a brunette and a blonde in a room together, the consequences can be explosive. That’s especially true when you add sex, a threesome, and two searing hot porn babes. Dixie Lynn shines as the bubbly blonde belle, straddling dick on the couch whilst her bubble butt rotates around, lulling you into a hypnotic trance. Meanwhile, Alice Visby’s taut naked body gleams with seductive lure, finely groomed airstrip bush on full display as she’s fingered. She’s serviced like a princess, too important to care while she takes a call on her cellphone. Both girls are living their best life in this threesome and displaying distinct sexual personalities that are sure to titillate viewers of any and all attractions.

Callie Black and Dani Blu love America

Most USA porn lovers are proud red blooded Americans who are strong patriots and support our great military. If you’re one of those true upstanding citizens, then this Callie Black and Dani Blu threesome is for you. A love letter to our troops, Callie Black and Dani Blu play army recruits dressed in their camo outfits, determined to seduce their fellow military man. It’s a beautiful display of gratitude, to fuck a man in uniform. They lie him down, suck his dick with their military mouths, then plop their fit firm booties against his hips and take turns accepting his unit into their special access points.

Octavia Red and Samantha Reigns soaking in the sun

When you think of juicy wet women, where do you imagine them? Generally outside, right? Maybe at the beach or at the pool. Octavia Red and Samantha Reigns begin their threesome seductions out by the pool, with fresh blue chlorinated water and a very leaky hose. It’s only fitting because these girls are as wet and juicy as they come, and boy do they cum (ha!). Octavia’s tits are full and plump, and hang gloriously while she’s fondled from behind. Samantha’s body is strong, busty, with a wide chest and zesty hips. They do their forbidden business, wrapping up dick with the mysterious depths of their pussies, leaving it to swirl and marinate in their dark oceans. Then they turn their attention on each other, licking tongues while semen rolls down their faces and necks.

Main event players April Olsen and Gianna Dior

Any event worth its salt has a bombastic and fabulous finale, and Free Use Fantasies 3 has April Olsen and Gianna Dior. Two bonafide superstars performing in the same threesome is worth the price of admission alone. Gianna, 2022 AVN Performer of the Year, oozes seduction and sex appeal. Her top comes up just over her tits, her skirt comes up just above her thighs, and there she stands in the kitchen getting her pussy eaten while she casually chats with April Olsen. Gianna is plowed from behind, against the kitchen island, while April chats. Then April is injected with hot dick in the very same way, those thick cheeks finally getting the clapping we so desperately yearned for. They move to the couch where Gianna fucks like a mongoose, full of vitality and lust. She keeps her socks on as she rides, grinding wet labia to the base of the shaft. April stands naked watching and waiting, miming a blowjob.

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