Five Reasons to Watch ‘Prime Vol. 1’ (Featured Video)

When you think about it the world is often upside down. When older guys are dreaming about the younger girls, they are considered perverts and rarely get that opportunity to make that dream come true. When older ladies dream of a younger man they almost always get what they want. Men just want to fuck and often have that dream since they were a little boy of fucking an older lady. Especially when they are a MILF. These MILFs are not only dreaming of a younger man, but they also want a big black cock and these fellas are only too happy to partake. Starring Reagan Foxx, Cory Chase, Kianna Dior, and Bridgette B.


1-BBC Stud Fucks His Friends Mom Reagan Foxx

Isiah knows what’s coming as he tries to talk him out of fucking around with his friend’s mom. The vibe is already out there as Reagan calls her son to inform him his friend is otherwise engaged. Suddenly he is in her bed, and she is sucking on his big black cock. She knows what she wants and has been playing him the entire time. She lets those nice tits come out and he quickly sucks them like he may even get some milk. They look great together and they play well together. I think she has been waiting for this moment all of her life. Finally, she gets her chance to hop onto that big cock and let it explode her pussy. It is everything she has dreamed of judging by her expression and moans of pleasure. He is able to give her a nice long drawn out fucking with a big load explosion at the end.


2-Cory Chase Talks a Walk on the Dark Side

Cory is a working woman having online meetings and making things happen. She works from home and her next interview has arrived. It’s her friend’s handsome young black son. Cory is wearing an outfit that shows off her nice legs, this young man has noticed. She goes on to recount a time when he was younger and she caught him looking up her skirt. Recounting the story seems to be making her very horny. She puts her legs up on the desk and he takes the moment to crawl under the desk to get a taste of her wet pussy. He has some major cunnilingus skills that make her eyes roll. Things are getting pretty steamy in her office as she has lost all control. His dream to fuck her is coming true in the most spectacular way. Things get even hotter on her desk when he lays down on it and she hops on to his cock. There is more to come when they pause for a second so she can change to her ass riding him hard. They switch back and forth enjoying every single thrust with lube to make it all gel nicely.


3-Kianna Dior has a Big HoneyDew List

Kianna needs some help around the house and her stepson’s friend directs her to look her up on the HoneyDew app. He does plenty of chores for her until things get wet one day when he can’t resist spraying her down with the hose while she is wearing all white. She returns the favor, and she sees what she wants when she spots his growing hard cock through his tight shorts. They go inside where she exposes his big black cock, and he is helpless to her touch. It looks gigantic as she strokes it up and down preparing it for what is to come. She is down on her knees now ready to serve him by trying to take all of that cock into her mouth. He seems to love her giant tits as he fucks right through them. Then he pounds into her deep on the couch with every inch of that hard meat in multiple positions. He gives her a delicious mouth full right on her tongue.


4-Bridgette B Sets the Mood to Have Some Dark Chocolate

Bridgette is hot and knows that she is, and she has been watching the groundskeeper from the window. She has music playing and is ready to seduce when he comes inside for his payment. She offers him his cash and she has a tip for him. It starts out as an intimate dance, but she is putting his hand all over her big assets. She then offers to teach him how to really handle a woman by asking him to try an older woman. She is trying to work out his awkwardness and make him a bit smoother. His lower brain has obviously taken control of the situation due to the relentless teasing by this beauty. She puts his hand to her pussy and teaches him how to rub it slowly. It’s very wet as he slides his long fingers in and out. Next, she gives him a taste of wetness as she pulls his head down to lick her good. After that she deep throats his cock lubing it up to penetrate her ready pussy. Now he is very smooth as he deeply fucks her in so many positions sometimes gently, sometimes hard. She takes every drop of his warm load down her throat.


5-MILF’s and Big Black Cocks for Everyone

We all love our MILF’s because like I said, it represents a fantasy for so many men. Then there is that fun of being with someone older and experienced. Ladies that can really rock your world and change your whole outlook on sex. These ladies in this movie are irresistible with their hot bodies and big boobs. We get to see every curve of their older beauty and their fuck skills on display. Combine that with the art of a big black cock and you have the at home recipe for a bestseller like this movie aspires to be. Excellent seduction stories, excellent soundtrack and beautiful on-screen interracial fucking.

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