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Five Reasons to Watch ‘Hot For Mom’

MILF” is a porn theme that never seems to get stale, no matter how many movies are released or how many stars enter prime MILF-dom. Digital Sin proudly presents their latest rundown of MILF adventures, available now as a GameLink video-on-demand exclusive (through 8/21/20): Hot For Mom! Check out five reasons it should be in your weekly watch list.

Becky Bandini: new MILF

It may seem odd describing a 50-year-old performer as a “new kid on the block,” but in the realm of contemporary MILFs, Becky Bandini is a relative newbie. According to IAFD, she shot her first porn scenes just last year, yet already she seems primed to take her place among top MILFs like Julia Ann, Ava Addams, and Cherie DeVille. In addition to the requisite busty figure and beautiful visage, she has a certain sexual aura that pervades all her scenes. In this case, her appearance provides an appropriately spectacular capper to the movie!

Cory Chase showing what she can do

Unsurprisingly, most of Cory Chase‘s porn appearances come in movies for the label that she founded with husband Luke Longly (Taboo Heat). While those vids have a quirky, kinky appeal, it’s always fun to see Chase make an appearance in somewhat more conventional porn scenarios. Hot For Mom comes from the family roleplay genre, just as Taboo Heat does, but it approaches the material in a way that has more broad-base appeal. Chase excels in both varieties!

Michael Vegas‘s hair (no, really!)

Stay with us on this one! Musicians such as symphony conductors and drummers often grow their hair out so that they can dramatically toss it around as the music mounts in intensity. Vegas, blessed with thick and photogenic curly hair, seems to have let his locks grow out for similar reasons. Once he gets down to business with Sovereign Syre, his hair bounces around in rhythm with the action. Even the most rambunctious of drummers would be proud!

The cameo appearance by the Magic Wand

Whenever a star whips out the Magic Wand, you can be assured that they mean business! The world’s most famous sex toy is all part of Sovereign Syre‘s plan to tempt her stepson (Michael Vegas) into yet another illicit tryst with her. She and Vegas have been having an affair, all under the nose of the witless stepfather, who hasn’t noticed that Syre no longer has sex with him. Vegas is attempting to break the affair off, but Syre coaxes him into her room with the sounds of her moans as she masturbates with her Wand. Vegas soon gives in to Syre’s desires, and really, can you blame him? It’s all in the magic of the Wand (so to speak).

The Dee Williams cumshot

Dee Williams‘s chest is so big, it is practically another cast member in and of itself. (IAFD conservatively lists her at DD!) Such remarkable assets virtually demand a breast cumshot . . . and a heavy one at that! Codey Steele delivers admirably in this regard, giving Wiliams the “gloss” she is clearly craving. Much like screewriter Robert McKee one said, “If you wow them in the end, you’ve got a hit.”

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