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‘A Day With Angela White’: A Look at Angela White’s 2003 Showcase

Like most pornstars, Angela White finds her movies appearing under a wide variety of labels: big boob, brunette, star showcase, gonzo, and dozens more. Now that she is in her mid 30s, though, you’re not likely to see the label “18+ teen” slapped onto her work. To find an Angela movie categorized as such, you have to go all the way back to her very first on-camera performances, shot in 2003, when Angela was indeed just 18 years old. “The new teen wonder from Down Under,” the cover of A Day With Angela White proudly trumpets. It’s strange to think that one of porn’s greatest current superstars was once a humble big-boob model looking for her big break, but that’s exactly what she was when she shot the material for the movie. This fascinating showcase,newly added to GameLink VOD this year, is an irresistible time machine for fans of Angela White (and porn fans in general).

The movie loosely takes its structure from the title itself, tracing a “day” in Angela’s life from her waking moments in the morning to the shower she takes to top everything off. In between, we see some vigorous masturbation, a sexy photoshoot, and an extended interview segment, among other highlights. While the movie was shot long before Angela began appearing in boy/girl scenes, White is able to sustain interest throughout the movie’s two-hour run time even when working a more limited palette of scene types.

Unsurprisingly, Angela’s performance style is noticeably different. Her moans and groans are over the top and theatrical, as was the vogue at the time, contrasting with the more natural, free-flowing approach White takes in her most recent movies. At the time of A Day With Angela White‘s release, White was not quite yet “Superstar Angela White,” with the abiding popularity to explore her sexuality in the auteur-like fashion that defines her more recent work. The “day in the life” scenario borders on cheesy, but even as a young, green performer, Angela is able to make it work. Her charms are evident from the start, too, as demonstrated by the scene in which a Score interviewer is reduced to near tears by Angela’s heartfelt letter asking for a chance at a big shoot. (It’s rare to find a moment in any porn movie when a participant verges on tears. Leave it to Angela to generate a first like that!)

One of the more amusing revelations from the movie is that Angela has nicknames for her boobs! “I love my tits so much that I even named them. I’m serious! This one’s name’s Bubbles, and this one’s name’s Squeak,” Angela giggles, holding up each boob as she mentions the names. (You are now prepared to conquer all foes in an Angela White trivia contest.)

We also have to pause for a moment to salute the prescient observation made on the movie’s back cover: “This foxy young sexbomb will have you jacking ’til your balls are sawdust!” Whoever wrote that memorable turn of phrase probably never could have imagined that White would be feeding fantasies (and reducing man-parts to sawdust) for another 17 years and beyond!

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