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‘Triple the Fun’: Threesome is the Magic Number

I’m curious about the formula they’re using to calculate what constitutes Triple the Fun and how they arrive at triple. I mean, a guy and a girl is fun, and they’re adding one girl, which seems like it ought to be double the fun, unless they’re saying a guy or a girl alone is fun and then the addition of one person doubles it and a third triples it, which doesn’t seem right, because I have way more than twice as much fun when I add a person, and then is three just a linear progression? I don’t think so – I think it’s logarithmic rather than arithmetic. Let’s watch and see if we can figure out the threesome rules here.

Abella Dangerr is, weirdly, a force of nature that I can take or leave. She is teenish, slutty, filthy, fresh, and not my type at all. i know she is the type of a lot of you, though, so you’re going to enjoy her threesome gift to he husband Marco Ducati, which is a Nuru massage that she can watch. I mean, she says watch, but everybody – even Melissa Moore, who as a masseuse is supposed to at least pretend it’s not just about fucking – knows that it’s about fucking. Hottest moment: Abella masturbating while she sits on the edge of the tub stroking Marco’s cock into Melissa’s mouth.

I swear to God I would pay money to fuck Dee Williams. She hits all my buttons when iot comes to MILFs – short blonde hair, big fake tits, toned body, cute face, and unreservedly slutty in a way that brings to mind the legendary Juliet Anderson (for my money, the once and forever template for the older woman). I don’t really even need to say anything about the threesome storyline here except that it follows the traditional Nuru pattern of developing slowly and it involves Erica Lauren and her stepson Justin Hunt. Hottest moment: Dee mouthing “Oh my god!” as she invites Erica to join the party.

This is my problem: When I see an older woman like Dee Williams, who reminds me of an archetypal MILF, I’m all “Fuck yeah, she’s the one for me – she’s perfect!” and then somebody like Cadey Mercury comes along and reminds me of Katie St. Ives and all of a sudden I’ve forgotten all about my deep passion for sleek curvy mature women and I’m all gaga for young pixies with small natural tits. You may call me inconstant, but I’m always happy. Alex Legend and Jojo Kiss, who get to fuck Cadey Mercury in this threesome, are happy too. Everybody wins! Hottest moment: Jojo guiding Alex’s cock into Cadey’s pussy.

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