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Boobs #1: Boobs, Boobs, Boobs. What Else Do We Need to Say?

Boobs #1: Boobs, Boobs, Boobs. What Else Do We Need to Say?

I think I’ve said enough about boobs in my career as the Gamelink porn reviewer that I can legitimately claim to have said all I need to, and yet I don’t think I’ve ever adequately encapsulated …

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I think I’ve said enough about boobs in my career as the Gamelink porn reviewer that I can legitimately claim to have said all I need to, and yet I don’t think I’ve ever adequately encapsulated the boob experience. As with so many other things, a picture of a boob is worth a thousand words. Like a cherry Jolly Rancher, the pressure of an impending storm, and the feeling of coughing while you swallow something so that it gets stuck in the back of your nose and just sits there, uncoughable and unswallowable, while you try to effect a biological process that doesn’t exist, the reality of a good boob can only be experienced, not described. It’s a good thing we have film of these amazing ones in Boobs #1.

Lucy Li, working under the name Scarlett here, is a spectacular ivory dream in her idyllic little fuck scene – she masturbates, sucks her man’s cock, and gets fucked in a few different positions, all while those amazing natural 34D boobs bounce and jiggle. This isn’t a scene with dialogue or even a minimal story – just a hot fuck session with some nice big tits.

Stella Cox follows up with a truly spectacular threesome. Stella also has astonishing boobs – big enough to hang, but firm and full instead of saggy. THere’s n interview portion before she gets down to business with a couple of huge blank cocks. She’s hot without being pretty, onnocent-looking but deliciously slutty, and ready for anything, including DP, anal, choking, slapping, and having her clothes torn. She reminds me, in a good way, of Kelly Stafford, up to the way she looks sweaty, ruined and spent but still game after all the fucking.

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with Aletta Ocean – working on a Corvette in “The Garage,” she’s challenged by a dude in a suit to some kind of contest, but I don’t know what. It doesn’t really matter, though – Aletta ends up named and fucking, with her big, very well-constructed 40E boobs on display, just the way they’re supposed to be. Aletta straps a face-dildo on him and he services her with that, his tongue, and his fingers until she’s gotten everything she wants.

Vanessa Decker know what she wants, and it’s what we really all want – a crack at Angel Wicky‘s big sexy 38DD rack. She has a much better shot at them than we do, though, since she’s followed Angel into the woods and lured her to a sleepy bower where the two of them can strip down and have a little secret lesbian boobs twosome in the forest. They came for the truffles, but they stayed for the pussy.

Hungarian cutie Darcia Lee, sporting a nice pair of 34Ds, and Nathaly Cherie, a Czech blonde with an equally nice but slightly smaller set of C-cups, may not share a language, a hair color, a religion, or taste nin music, but they do share the cock of a lucky, lucky man who starts off tied up and ends up fucking both of them. It’s a quiet scene with no talking but plenty of action.

Valentina Nappi, we all know, is a nymphomaniac, but her new boss had no idea. She got fired from her last teaching job for seducing students, and she shows no signs of slowing down at the new school. When her new boss catches her fucking a guy instead of helping him with his ABCs, he really should fire her, but instead he joins in. Who can resist the siren lure of those natural C cups? Not the dean, and Valentina has enough holes for everyone – she lets her men use them all, singly and together. Not every teacher is down for anal and DP, but Valentina’s not every teacher. Unfortunately.

“I look like a cheap-ass whore in this,” says Missy Martinez as she puts on the very skimpy outfit that Tommy Pistol has brought in for her and Kenzie Taylor to wear at their waitressing job. News flash: you looked like a cheap whore when you showed up. Nobody’s complaining, though – even the women who are there with their boyfriends are in awe of the collective majesty of the boobs on display, which between them probably constitute at least forty pounds of silicone. Tommy wants more than a good show, though, and he ends up getting smothered by a total of 73 inches of massively awesome titties. For fans of underboob, cleavage, sideboob and Daisy Dukes. Is it worth it? You’ll have to decide after you see the girls act out their plan.

From the intricate plotting of the previous scene we move to somethiong a little simpler – Jolee Love is visiting Berlin, taking naughty selfies of her big D-cup boobs in public places until she gets herself so horny that she has to go back to her shared hostel room and masturbate, which is just one step down – literally, since she’s about to climb the bunk bed and do it – from fucking her roommate. He’s been pretending to sleep while she moaned and sloshed in the lower bunk, and he manages to keep pretending until she comes up to take advantage of his hard cock. She asks him to film her sucking and fucking him so she can send the footage to her boyfriend and he is only too happy to oblige.

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