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Biographical Sketch: Naomi Swann

You may not have noticed, but Naomi Swann’s name has a sexy little message buried inside it. As Swann herself has pointed out, spell “Naomi” backward and you get “I moan,” a phrase befitting the lustrous passion she shows onscreen.

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Swann spent much of her youth dancing. “I danced all through my childhood, doing every style of dance from ballet to hip-hop and acrobatics—competitively,” she told AVN in 2019.

After losing her virginity, Swann quickly became sexually adventurous, according to her interview with Adult DVD Talk. She eventually found herself working as a fetish model, which led to her first porn bookings. In true porn starlet style, her first three shoots were with the prestigious Vixen Media Group brands. This gave her instant high-profile exposure to porn’s most enthusiastic fans, and she’s scarcely looked back since. Her stage name was inspired by a character in the movie Van Wilder, with “Swann” added after a Google search for interesting names.

While Naomi has excelled in numerous genres, she’s become particularly well-known for her foot fetish work. In fact, she cited foot-related content as her favorite genre to shoot, according to an interview with Bang! Acting and narrative roles like those in The Bucket List and My Sinful Valentine have also ranked among Swann’s career highlights.

Naomi has collected numerous industry honors and designations during her career, including the Cherry Pimps “Cherry of the Month” mantle in April 2020. In her spare time, Swann enjoys rollerblading (an offshoot of her previous background in dance).

Swann aims for a long and storied career. “I want to do this for as long as I can. I want to be as good as I possibly can. I’m going to give 110 percent constantly and see where it takes me,” she told AVN.

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