Savannah Bond

Biographical Sketch: Savannah Bond

Savannah Bond may hail from down under, Melbourne Australia, but that hasn’t stopped her from shooting her way to the top of the adult industry. It should be no surprise to anyone – piercing blue eyes, golden blond hair, ample breasts, and a chiseled booty – you didn’t need to be a psychic to know […]

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Lacy Lennon pornstar

Biographical Sketch: Lacy Lennon

Since only about two percent of the world’s population has red hair, Lacy Lennon is instantly in a unique group simply by virtue of her signature locks. But the more you learn about her, the more you realize that’s only the beginning of her distinctiveness. She grew up as a self-described “military brat,” moving from […]

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Agatha Vega pornstar

Biographical Sketch: Agatha Vega

Even the usually mundane particulars of her biography are laced with intrigue! She was born on Halloween, she hails from Venezuela, and she boasts a name that evokes the mystery and magic of a classic detective writer. She’s Agatha Vega, a Tenerife-based star who seems primed to become a favorite of fans the world over. […]

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Payton Preslee pornstar

Biographical Sketch: Payton Preslee

Pierogis, Pope John-Paul II, Chopin, and . . . Payton Preslee? It may be time to add this perfectly perky porn starlet to the list of Poland’s greatest-ever exports! Born in Warsaw but raised partially in the USA, Payton found herself embracing her sexual side after losing her virginity as a teen. (According to an […]

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Naomi Swann pornstar

Biographical Sketch: Naomi Swann

You may not have noticed, but Naomi Swann’s name has a sexy little message buried inside it. As Swann herself has pointed out, spell “Naomi” backward and you get “I moan,” a phrase befitting the lustrous passion she shows onscreen. Originally from Tampa, Florida, Swann spent much of her youth dancing. “I danced all through […]

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Gia Derza pornstar

Biographical Sketch: Gia Derza

In some ways, Gia Derza seemed destined for porn! It was something that came to her almost as second nature. “I always have been taking naked pictures of myself [ . . . ] It kind felt natural,” Derza told Dave Naz in 2018. She’d also experimented sexually with escapades such as a foursome. Originally […]

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Casca Akashova pornstar

Biographical Sketch: Casca Akashova

Casca Akashova is a pornstar in the classic mold. With her imposing chest, seductive eyes, and flowing blond hair, she oozes sexuality like a pinup bombshell merged with a hard-driving modern adult star. Though cut from Russian cloth (right down to her distinctive stage name), Casca has embarked on her greatest fame with that most […]

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Sofia Rose pornstar

Biographical Sketch: Sofia Rose

In a 2021 interview with Adult Empire, Sofia Rose said that “drive” was the key component to success as a pornstar. It’s a trait she’s demonstrated over and over again in her career, helping her to become one of the industry’s top BBW stars. “I get verbal lashings every single day,” Rose once said, but […]

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Scarlett Sage pornstar

Biographical Sketch: Scarlett Sage

“Orgasms are the best things ever,” Scarlett Sage once declared in an AVN interview profiling her career. It’s pretty hard to argue with that, and it’s even harder to argue against a career pursuing ultimate pleasure, both that of yourself and the audience who watches you. Sage has merged her passion for pleasure into her […]

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