“Tasha Reign, Nate Glass Shine in “Nightline” Piracy Story

At first the segment seems ominous: “Could Internet Piracy Kill Porn For Good?” The Nightline title follows Kill Porn For Good? Is it another one-sided, paternalistic, and concerned ratings grab? Hatchet jobs on the porn business are often accomplished quite easily within the industry: scattered spokespeople, bad decisions, faulty grammar. But when it’s a mainstream […]

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Pornstar Video Interview: Tasha Reign

Porn star, dancer, and director Tasha Reign turned 25 before our eyes at this year’s Adult Entertainment Expo, and it was like we were watching her growing pains; she didn’t stop moving, stretching, arching, and flexing throughout our interview on a well-used little couch in a corner of the Hard Rock Hotel. The collective effect […]

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