Five Reasons to Watch ‘A Touch of Exhibition’ (Featured Video)

It is always exciting to check out a new porn studio and folks, this is the first movie of Lustery studios. The motto of this studio is “Real Couples, Real Pleasure.” The title of this first movie is A Touch of Exhibition. It looks like we will be treated to some gentle lovemaking, some domination, passionate sex in POV, and schoolmates reconnecting. I am not really familiar with any of the actors in this film, so I am really excited for this fresh material.


1-Johanna Gets a Sound Pounding

Johanna and Lars introduce themselves and talk a bit about their sex life which they think is pretty simple and routine. I would say it’s not so simple if they are starring in a porn movie. We are invited into their living room where they seem comfortable and ready to make the scene. They have the perfect couch for some nice fucking. The scene starts very real, it kind of feels like you are spying on your friend while he gets it on back in those high school days. It’s not your average porn movie but that is what makes it sexy. They bump and grind pretty hard while making out, again reminiscent of those high school days. The view gets a little better when they finally get naked an begin to fuck. We get a nice close up of Johannas nice round tits with nipple rings. She is a moaner to which will easily let all the neighbors know what is going on. They have a very real session for everyone to view on screen.


2-Pelagie is Against the Wall

Pelagie and Daniel are married, and they do everything together. She is a very pretty, very thin girl with a nice smile and pretty eyes. She says she likes to be the submissive one and do whatever he wants. They seem slightly nervous for their scene which really ramps up the reality. The send of a kiss to the camera and hope that we will enjoy the scene. They start some passionate kissing against the wall and then just when you think this may be everyday sex she tosses his salad. She gets in there and eats his ass out deep while he strokes on his cock. You have to love a girl who is willing to get nasty. Then she lets him fuck her throat pretty hard. Finally, she gets some great reciprocation when he eats her pussy like it’s his favorite snack, it probably is! She rubs his head with her feet, it’s pretty sexy with the angle captured. He has some serious cunnilingus skills from my view. Once he starts fucking her you can tell that she has one of those really tight pussies that feels so good wrapped around your cock. I like this scene a lot as I am pulled right into this kinky couples bedroom.


3-Mia is Glowing Strong 

Mia is a pretty girl with some nice blonde highlights, her man is named Andrew. They are a young foreign couple but they think their old. They have been together for two years, he picked her up when she was eighteen. They say they cater their sexcapades around blowjobs. She seems to be shy talking about sex, he is telling some pretty hot stories about her. They finally get at it like two teenagers having a make out session. It’s a bit of an awkward start but that might just be the language barrier. A massage to her back is what he does to get her warmed up. Her body is amazing when he finally gets her naked. Her tits are just amazing to look at, it’s just too bad they are pierced. He gets the camera close up on her pretty face while she blows him, so close her skin is glowing. The lighting in this room really makes her skin glow nicely. I like the camera angles for this scene, she is a hottie!


4-Daria Does Some Floor Play

Daria and Sergei are originally from Russia. She has some nice tattoos on her body. I like how comfortable they are in front of the camera as they laugh and talk freely about their sex lives. This brunette babe as some alluring eyes and a sweet smile. They tell how they just love having sex together, all the time. Now for the action, she is positioned on the ground flexing in a beautiful fashion wearing a one piece number. They seemed so relaxed talking about their sex lives, but the nerves are showing a bit as they embark on their fantasy. He has a pretty big duck that seems to enjoy slowly getting acclimated to her pussy. The camera keeps them in good view as they get passionate on the floor. She wraps her legs around him pulling him in as deep as possible. She has delicious pussy lips and allows the camera up close access to its beauty. She has a beautiful; pair of tits that they kept hidden forever, I was getting anxious to see them. I have to give this stud some props, he lasted forever before he blew his load. They tackled some really tight positions that I know really massaged his cock, I don’t know how he did it. I envy him.


5-This film Provides Real Voyeurism from Abroad

This film takes you overseas and gives us a great glimpse of exactly what they are into over there. Throughout this movie I really felt like I was spying on these couples, and I love that. That real voyeuristic feel that is completely natural in this film. There is some give and take to this style of filming, the scenes are long and slow to get started. Really, that is often what it’s like in real life. We don’t live in a porn movie where all the scenes progress exactly the same right on cue. There are also those awkward moments that real people encounter who don’t work in the porn industry every day. You have a few moments of annoying stops for camera adjustments, but I think that is what most voyeurs like, they want to see it all and this film delivers it all.

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