Five Reasons to Watch ‘Empty Nest’ (Featured Video)

MILF-centered studio MYLF has been on a tear as of late, releasing premium quality porn featuring superstar performers with busty bods, commanding auras, and cougar-like personalities. It’s only the biggest and the best for MYLF, and that’s easily confirmed with Empty Nest, the Jennifer White-led MILF adventure featuring a stacked, bodacious mama who goes on a sexual rampage after becoming an empty nester. If there’s one gal you wanna watch out for in your neighborhood, it’s Jennifer White. Here’s five reasons to watch Empty Nest from MYLF.

Jennifer White wet and watered

Let’s face the facts: everything’s sexier when it’s wet. Sex feels better when it’s wet, women look hotter when they’re wet, men look stronger and bigger. Jennifer White is already a bombshell with curvaceous features that will stiffen anyone who sees them. When you combine a body like hers with a moist, sexy glisten, you’re creating a potentially dangerous sexual explosion. The first scene in Empty Nest features Jennifer White by the pool, scantily clad in a bikini, looking like an erotic goddess. The implication is already there with the pool, and your mind will go bananas imagining the possibilities. Then of course she gets wet and we’re treated to an all-time classic wet and watery show.

Jennifer White nighttime fuck

There’s a ton of potential locations or things that can take a sex scene from regular to exciting and transcendent. As reference before, water is one such simple thing that can make all the difference. But what about when you change the setting? Jennifer White doesn’t just get wet and watered, she gets fucked in the nighttime.

Mandy Rhea guest fuck

The gorgeous blonde MILF Mandy Rhea appears in the second scene. She stretches herself out on the yoga mat to make sure every inch of her body is limber and ready to impress. She ends up lying on the mat and getting split open by a buff hunk of a man. Her form is perfect and her body is fit. She looks toward the camera while she’s humped, giving a live reaction to each thrust. Her tits flap and circle around from the force of the penetration, providing additional visual eye candy for those with ADHD. Mandy is hotter than heck, and provides a great accent to this Jennifer White centric movie.


The only thing better than one dick in Jennifer White is two dicks in Jennifer White. Any film, whether it’s classics like Rocky and Terminator 2, or stinkers like those new Star Wars films, would be greatly enhanced by a good double dick threesome scene. When you see Jennifer White getting double forked from both ends with hard meat ramming her ass and sticking her mouth at the same time, you’ll know you made the right choice by watching Empty Nest. It also follows the narrative logic of needing to try newer and sluttier things once your boring kids are finally out of the house.

MILFs are the hottest

It’s okay to admit it: MILFs are just the hottest gals around. The tits are bigger, the asses are thicker and rotate more majestically. They have wisdom, maturity, and sexual conquest in their minds, along with the knowledge of how to work their mouths and pussies around a dick in ways no one else can. Their seductive techniques are the talk of legend, and if you find yourself lucky enough to have a MILF encounter, you’ll tell that story for the rest of your life. Watching one of the ultimate MILFs, Jennifer White, perform in a new film is privilege that we should all recognize and be appreciative of.

Empty Nest box


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