Five Reasons To Watch ‘Soccer Moms and Other Sports’ (Featured Video)

Sexy is a state of mind and nurturing can be sexy according to the folks over at MILFY and I am here for it. Soccer Moms and other Sports takes us on a wild adventure with four seasoned vets in the game and shows us that sex can happen anywhere, at any time, and with with anyone. Buckle your seatbelt, pull out your lube, and get ready for a great time!


It ain’t the Mavs playing the Timberwolves in the Western Conference Finals, but any time you give me sports I’m pumped, and something about a woman who knows her shit is a major turn on! Watching Richelle Ryan make protein shakes for game day is way more exciting than it might sound, and when she’s asked to help ease up the tension in one of the star players by giving him a massage things gets ramped up quickly. They’re making out like teenagers before you know it, their hands exploring each other’s bodies until they can’t contain their desire any longer and just go for it in the living room. I would have been happy just to watch her strut around in her workout gear before the game but what actually unfolds is way better and a must watch!


MILFs will forever be in style, and watching this flick it’s easy to see why. The naughty fantasy we have about crossing some of those boundaries is the driving force behind wanting to bend your friend’s mom over the kitchen counter and fuck her while she makes her husband a sandwich, but another major part of it is that they take care of us. Well, they take care of us in most ways, and watching stepmom make you chicken noodle soup to help with your sore throat could cause you to want to stick a few things down her throat and test her nurturing skills in the bedroom. Something about a mom flipping that switch but still bringing those qualities into the bedroom is incredibly sexy and not something everyone can pull off. Safe to say, everyone pulls it off in this one.

Dana Vespoli

Dana Vespoli is a living legend and I would pay money to listen to her read a phone book! The woman is gorgeous, she commands a room like nobody I’ve ever seen, she has perfected her craft, and now she’s fucking in a boxing ring again…there’s nothing this woman can’t do. Watching her punch and sweat before aggressively fucking the shit out of sparring partnerĀ  Maximo Garcia like only she can is definitely a hit you won’t mind taking right in the face. Her acting remains top notch and believe it or not she just gets sexier and sexier each year. The way she blends hard and soft to give you a powerful woman you aren’t too intimidated to fuck is an art and it’s hard to ignore that amazing exotic look she has, especially when she makes eye contact with the camera. This is one scene I know lots of people will have on repeat for the next few months.

A Kayden Kross Production

One of the many reasons I love Kayden Kross movies is because she gives a woman’s perspective that isn’t necessarily soft and pick with lots of kissing and romance. Nothing is wrong with any of that stuff, but it’s certainly not what women want all the time and Kayden does a great job balancing that out. Sports and women probably aren’t the first things to come to many porn directors’ minds but Kayden can make anything work and she’s at her best again with this one. Women are presented as the ones in control, be it in the living room or in a boxing ring, and even their story lines put them in positions of authority and power, making them more desirable as well as entertaining. Kayden definitely has the midas touch and this movie is nothing but pure gold.

Great male talent

Dudes aren’t typically the focal point in straight porn but without them we’d be incredibly bored, so I have to shout out the male talent throughout this flick. They match the energy of the ladies perfectly without getting in the way and they add a lot of depth and character to the stories. Everyone is super hot and consistently brings that big dick energy we all love to see. The acting among the men was great, they stayed in character while pounding some very impressive pussy, and the sex lasts as long as you need it to. Give it up for the fellas here, they held their own in brining our fantasies to life and I’m willing to bet you’ll be just as appreciative of them as you are of the ladies by the end of the movie.



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