Anna Claire Clouds stars in The Visitor

Anna Claire Clouds Takes Flight in ‘The Visitor’

Like the narrator in “Song of Myself,” Anna Claire Clouds contains multitudes. “I’m going to be a goofy goober and then switch to sexy immediately whenever I want. I’m very intellectual when I want to be — all of these,” she said in a recent interview.

She’s also one hell of a porn actor, who is just as adept at the “actor” half as she is at the “porn” one.

Her new porn feature, The Visitor, requires her to react to elaborate visual effects, play delicate love scenes, master humorous physical comedy, and – of course – have passionate sex.  Clouds revels in her ability to thrive in all these scenarios.

“A lot of the time actors get into those two separate, very separate, categories. So you either have a lot of acting experience, or you’re really, really, really good at gonzo. Nowadays, I find that there’s a lot of actors that are transcending into both roles, where they aren’t just going to go to set and fuck and then leave,” Clouds said. “But they also are able to memorize lines and really dedicate to a character, understand what needs to be done as far as camera and lighting. So a lot of the times, it can be where acting isn’t the forefront of what somebody is doing.”

In The Visitor, she plays a frustrated girlfriend who finally meets the man of her dreams (Alex Jones). The problem is, he’s also a man of the skies – an extraterrestrial visitor who generates an equal amount of interest from a sinister team of government agents.

“I am a performer that likes shooting both styles of content [gonzo and features]. I really like the variety of what I can do with my career, because a lot of it is very acting-based,” she continued.

Some of her acting skill can be attributed to her experiences shooting comedic shorts on Vine before she launched her adult career. Once she pivoted from Vine, Snapchat, and modeling to porn, it paid off with juicy roles like The Visitor, and before it, Hysteria, a challenging, sometimes disturbing drama from director Stormy Daniels. For the movie’s most surreal scenes, she was required to wear white contacts that rendered her functionally blind. “During the day, I had a designated person walking me around to make sure that I didn’t run into anything,” she recalled.

It’s not the only way the inquisitive Clouds has benefitted from the guidance of on-set mentors. “I asked a lot of questions. I love asking questions [ . . . ] they truly are such just amazing and giving people. They will give you information. At 12 midnight, if I need to know something, I could text three girls and all three of them would text me back. Even if I hadn’t spoken to them in like a year. This industry is great at helping. It’s really, really good at helping with information,” Clouds said.

In the end, her most fervent current hope is that audiences will pay a visit to The Visitor. “That is what I want everyone to watch so badly right now. We’ve worked so hard on this movie. And I’m really excited to see it. Every single bit of content I’ve received, teasers and trailers and stuff that I’m not allowed to post right this second but I’m dying to post. It has been so fucking good. Please watch the video with me. It’s going to be good. I’m watching it when you guys are watching it. So don’t you worry. I’ll be seeing it as a viewer, too. And I’m fucking raring to go. I’m so excited! So just watch The Visitor. That’s all that I want,” she said.

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