Five Reasons to Watch ‘Dark Young Stepsisters’ (Featured Video)

In this Penthouse movie we get some kinky family step-sibling stories revolving around Sweet young ebony darlings. Starring in this film is Olivia Jay, Amari Anne, Nicole Kitt, and Lacey London.


1-Olivia Jay & Apollo Banks

As a young girl Olivia Jay is doing what young girls and guys do when they think they are alone in their room. They masturbate but she is doing some loud moaning while she rubs her pussy just begging to be caught. She looks beautiful as she hits her stride and her white stepbro comes in at the perfect time. He tries to leave but she tells him to stay, and naturally he does. She wants him and she is ready and willing to make it their little secret. He is naked in a snap, and he is already rock hard with his big dick wagging in her face. She gets it right into her mouth and gives a stunning oral show. Their raging hormones make things move fast and he is soon pounding into her tight pussy. They both have incredible fucking rhythm. She wiggles her toes while she has a pulsing orgasm from his big dick. We get a perfect view of her nice ass while she gets on top to ride him. That was a nice fuck.


2-Amari Anne & Robby Apples

Can a massage chair satisfy Amari Anne as much as a cock would. It certainly seems to be getting her in the mood as she vibrates there and begins to rub her tits and her pussy. I wish I had one of these chairs in my house. Robby, her stepbro comes in for his turn in the chair as she collects herself. She has an offer for him that he can’t refuse that if he fucks her, he can use the chair all he wants. The deal is made, and they head to the bedroom where he ramps things up more with a massive make out session. It’s passionate and she is sexy the way her body writhes beneath him. He gets her tits out from her top so he can suck on those dark beauties. You can tell she is really turned on by her hard nipples. He is a good brother by going down to suck on her juicy pussy. Her body curves in all the right positions when she gets on her knees to suck his cock. This leads up to an amazing fuck on the crisp, clean white linen sheets.


3-Nicole Kitt & Lucky Fate

Another teen activity is to be playing on the phone all the time which is what Nicole Kitt is doing when her stepbro comes in to tell her who has a crush on her. She is not happy about the news and says she prefers guys with tattoos, which her stepbro luckily already has. She uses the moment to come on to him and slides her hand towards his cock. He resists only for a millisecond before saying a happy sounding “ok.” She hops on to him and begins grinding against him while he removes her clothes. He reveals her perfect chocolate body with silky smooth skin. When he goes on to eat her pussy, we see that she has a tattoo of her own. She enjoys the moment as her feet rub against his back. Their passionate sex romp pops against the white leather couch they get busy on. He has a big white cock to go along with those tattoos that she loves so much. He really delivers the meat to her in multiple powerful positions. She gets a nice creamy load of his lotion on her perky tits.


4-Lacey London & Nathan Bronson

What do you do with a spoiled stepsister like Lacey London who won’t clean up after herself? Well, when she comes walking into the room in a string bikini it makes it difficult to be upset. Lacey has some nice tits barely being covered and I can’t wait to see them. He says the magic words, “Let’s Make a Deal” but she has her own offer. She does not want to get in trouble with the parents because they are going to give her a car. She’ll do anything! Once she kisses him, she is speaking his language and he is ready and willing to negotiate, or should we say lay down for the deal. Finally, he removes the bikini, and we get to this this glorious body of hers. They are both naked and she licks his balls in a way that makes me super jealous. He is completely incapacitated with his cock in her mouth. She hops on to ride him and the view is amazing. I could watch this all day long and I love her sporadic moans. I think they are both completely satisfied from the amazing deal they made together.


5-Amazing Five Star Movie

This movie really hits on all levels. First you get some hot interracial fucking. Each of the girls is amazingly hot. The storylines are good and just the right amount to get things going. The sex is passionate and filmed perfectly for the viewer. For guys watching this film they will all end up feeling just like I did. I wanted to be each of these girls stepbrother because I was turned on to the max. Everyone gets completely naked, which is something that I really like in my films. The only thing they could have done to make this movie better is to make each scene longer. That’s how much I loved it, but I can’t dock them any points for that. You cum when you cum and these girls were too hot to last for too long.

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