Five Reasons to Watch ‘Tiffany Watson is Squirtwoman’ (Featured Video)

Honor the legacy of Squirtwoman

Squirtwoman is a strong name, and it’s because it was built up to be that way. It carries a legacy, starting with Elegant Angel‘s the first Squirtwoman Cytherea in 2004. The classic AVN Award winning film went on to spawn many sequels with new women donning the title of Squirtwoman, like Jada Fire and then Bonnie Rotten. There was even a Mad Max style reboot in 2018 starring Kleio Valentien. For two decades, the glory of squirting has quenched our thirsty porn throats, and now a new Squirtwoman has emerged: Tiffany Watson. The excitement is palpable, and we’re glad to have Squirtwoman back.

All girl orgy

While Tiffany Watson is Squirtwoman, there are plenty of other pornstar women who can squirt and squirt good. That’s why the all girl orgy is a great way to amplify and really hammer home the ideals of Squirtwoman. In other words, five squirts are better than one. Skylar Snow, Whitney Wright, Emma Magnolia, and Olivia Jay round out this all girl orgy, and with a cast list like that, it’s a must-see scene. I mean, I feel like squirting just from reading all those names back to back. The amount of pussy power in the room is overwhelming, and these girls pull out all the stops to get the powerful squirts the human body can produce. We’re talking vibrators, dildos, and very talented fingers and tongues. It gets very wet as they spray all over each other, moaning and licking up the secretion on each others bodies.

Squirting is cool

“If peeing your pants is cool, then consider me Miles Davis,” is how the iconic Billy Madison line goes. It reminds us that wetness has historically always had positive connotations in our society, and while it’s no longer cool to pee your pants, squirting remains one of the most radical acts a woman can do. It’s a feat so unique that finding it in a partner among the populace is akin to finding a unicorn in the forest. Tell a friend you bedded a squirter and you’ll be sure to be met with positive affirmations of complimentary comments, high fives, and maybe even one of those golfer’s fist pumps. There’s simply something mesmerizing and encouraging about fucking someone so good, so purely, that they release a physical manifestation of their pleasure. A woman like Tiffany Watson squirting is enough to keep you coming back again and again.

Tiffany Watson is hotter than heck

She is the new Squirtwoman after all, isn’t she? Squirtwoman is an institution, and it can’t be led by just anyone. That’s why Elegant Angel chose Tiffany; bold, blonde, bodacious, and curved in all the right places. She has a history of magnificent squirting, hardcore anal, and glorious orgies. Versatility stretches across her entire catalogue, just like it has stretched her big beautiful ass. If that’s not enough, she literally starts the movie driving shirtless down the highway in a convertible, roof down and bulging tits out, rubbing her erect nipples while the wind blows in her hair. Her attitude is thrilling and arousing, as shown in the first scene when she drops her ass down along with Nicole Doshi and begins to tease their male prey, “give us that fucking cock you bad boy.”

Tiffany Watson’s first double penetration

Firsts are a big deal in porn, and the more hardcore the act, the bigger deal it is! What a welcome treat to see Tiffany Watson’s first DP included in Tiffany Watson is Squirtwoman. It’s a special thing to get a new Squirtwoman movie, an all-girl squirt orgy, and a first DP in the same movie. The final scene is an appropriate ender to this rollercoaster of super soaked porn, with Tiffany giving an explosive performance. In the end, we see her riding top position, reverse cowgirl, with the man underneath in her ass. Her second partner drills her pussy from the front as her tits shake aggressively and we even get some light choking. To see her completely stuffed, crunched, and shouting “yes,” is the perfect climax.

'Tiffany Watson is Squirtwoman' box cover

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