Five Reasons to Watch ‘Getting Back In The Saddle’ (Featured Video)

Have you ever failed at something? Maybe you got rejected from a job application, got broken up with, or lost the big sports game. We all experience defeat at one point or another, but the key is to lick your wounds and get back out there. Getting Back in the Saddle from Girlsway is about coming back from hard times and learning to succeed again. And the only way these girls do that, of course, is by partaking in spontaneous and life-changing lesbian sex with one another. Here’s five reasons to watch Getting Back In The Saddle.

Nicole Doshi’s passion for riding

You can’t ignore when someone has a great passion. It bleeds through to everything they do, and it inspires us to be better people. Nicole Doshi‘s character had been what I can only assume was an extremely hot equestrian, but had quit riding due to being in a toxic relationship. Once she got out of that relationship though, she hopped right back up on that horse and the fire of life breathed through her once again. Not only that, but her good friend Jewelz Blu was there to suck her pussy to show her what a good relationship feels like. So in the end, Nicole won twice by reigniting her passion for riding horses, and getting to ride a girl like the sexy Jewelz Blu. You’ll want to check out their gorgeous and warmly lit outdoor sex scene on the ranch.

Jewelz Blu’s big powerful figure

If the poetic concept of self-determination and redemption is not enough to get you excited, then perhaps Jewelz Blu’s masterpiece of a body in all its naked glory will do it for you. It certainly did it for Nicole Doshi. When Nicole lifts up Jewelz’s jean skirt from behind to reveal her heavy, round cheeks, she can’t help but smile and stare in awe. It’s as if she’s just found the treasure she’s been looking for all these years. Her face lights up with dazzling rays of sunlight, and all worry is cleansed from her soul. Jewelz knows what she’s got, so she backs it up for her and Nicole slides right underneath to get to snackin’ on the juicy fruit between her legs. It’s a beautiful image of two women sharing the magic of their bodies with one another, and it’s cool to see Jewelz big yams sitting on top of and hanging over Nicole’s chin while Nicole slurps her up.

Fucking a Bachelorette

Bachelorette’s are arguably the sexiest people on the planet. They are primed and ready to fuck, and horny as all hell. In fact, that’s exactly what they’re in training for. Just about to be married, they’ve been preparing themselves to consumate. That’s why it’s a special sight to be able to see a bachelorette like Holly Day fucked up close and personal. All that pent up sexual tension, unleashed in a fury all over Emma Magnolia. After Emma put together Holly’s bachelorette party, it was the way she chose to thank her. Even though Holly is betrothed to someone else, there’s no harm in a little fun, and when you’re two hot girls in a room and both your clits are throbbing, something’s gotta give. They make exploratory and happy love all over the couch, discovering the wonders they never thought possible. The bride-to-be gets a good practice round before her marriage!

The limitless joy of the female orgasm

If the male orgasm is a hole in the backyard, the female orgasm is a canyon. All girl movies like Getting Back In The Saddle provide an unflinching view at women being taken to their peak and the limits that can be reached at such places. This movie has three scenes and six of the hottest porn performers in the world. That’s six different women you get to see being taken to climax and riding around, exploring that peak. Watch women like Nicole Doshi close her eyes, cup her own breast, and quiver as she lies back in an oasis of pleasure. Holly Day opens her mouth and moans with involuntary yelps as she sits atop Emma Magnolia who has her fingers stuck inside her. Every woman’s body is different, and they all react in beautiful different ways to being fingered and licked to quivering and mind blasting orgasms.

Lumi Ray wears timbs while getting eaten out by Alexis Tae

You might think you’re cool, and you might think you’re gay, but are you Lumi Ray wearing timbs while she gets eaten out by Alexis Tae cool and gay? Watching Alexis Tae lightly toss around Lumi Rays vulva with her fingers and tongue is hot enough, but seeing Lumi’s legs dangle to the side with fully tied timbs and socks really gets the heart racing fast. These girls put on a spectacle in the final scene of the film, showing all of us exactly what it means to get back in the saddle. Their bodies are thin and defined, detailed with all the arousing crevices and shapes that make up the minutia of a woman’s body. You can see muscles flex and flinch and hips rotate as they dig deeper inside one another. No matter the setbacks in life, we’re reminded that around the corner there’s always a Lumi Ray wear nothing but timbs, we just have to be brave enough to eat her out.

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