Five Reasons To Watch ‘YAMO V74’ (Featured Video)

YAMO is an African porn studio and I couldn’t wait to check out our latest feature, YAMO V74, when it hit my desk! The cover art alone had me drooling and it did not disappoint. It’s new, fresh, and exhilarating to say the least. It also presents us with a culture and performers we rarely get to see, which only makes for a better time for viewers if you ask me. I had a blast watching and reviewing this one and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

African Porn

Representation is important in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to ethnicities and body images, so it’s always a positive when we get to see performers from all around the globe. African porn has been around for ages but it’s availability hasn’t and YAMO is a studio determined to change that. You can argue that sex is sex, and in many ways that is true, but exposure to something you don’t usually see can be beneficial and, in this case, super sexy! Everything from the credits, to the settings and the music are African and those seemingly small details help create tone, theme, and fantasy, which are crucial to producing quality porn and allowing culture to shine through while still creating content that is relatable to enticing to people everywhere.


Amateur porn is where you’ll find the most relatable content in my opinion and YAMO proves why in this featured edition. The production, cast, settings, and acting allow us to see ourselves more clearly as porn stars in our moments of pleasure and that just takes things to a whole new level. Some may feel that without a major studio backing or a lot of money behind the product it’s lower value, but I beg to differ. Hit play on YAMO V74 and you’ll be blown away at the camera shots, the audio and video, and especially the sex! Everything feels fun, fresh, authentic, and professional but attainable. It’s one of those flicks that gives off that down to earth vibe and may even have you finally planning to use that editing software you have on your phone.

Beautiful Scenery

Africa is beautiful and this production crew made sure to show us those exotic beaches, booming cities by the water, and gorgeous stars. Perceptions forced or given to us (yes, the crap we learned in school) can’t help but creep into our fantasies and YAMO does a great job changing some of that just by showing us a side of things we normally wouldn’t get to see. I don’t think anyone is changing the world here, but every little bit counts. Plus, beautiful locales help set the mood and create a relaxing sensual environment where you want to fuck the sexy woman sun bathing a few feet away, or suck the skin off the dick of a hot guy jogging down the street. It’s the little things that elevate our fantasies, even when we aren’t fully aware, and it’s done wonderfully here. Just looking at pictures of these locales takes you there and porn is all about the journey up to the cum shot!

Plot Oriented

Without speaking the language or reading the plot you’ll still be able to follow along and that alone is a major accomplishment for the studio. Plots, when done right, shape your feelings and expectations going into a scene and allow to you carry the fantasy wherever you want to while getting of solo. With a partner, you get to role play and pull out that Emmy award winning performance you’ve been practicing in the bathroom all these years. Plots are fun, and this one even has a little drama. I won’t give you any spoilers, but shit gets spicy in the second scene and I have a feeling lots of people are going to love it! The acting won’t blow you away, but each star does a great job portraying their character and staying in character during the actual sex, leveling up what’s already a fantastic movie.


Condoms used to be everywhere in mainstream porn, but with advances in medicine and testing technology they’re pretty mush extinct on the straight side of things. It was nice and refreshing to see them make an appearance here and I don’t think it alters the sex or fantasy much, and it’s not like the guys are fumbling around trying to take it off when it’s time to pop. We may like to fantasize about hitting it raw or having a huge creampies in our coochies that you get to spend hours pushing out, but in reality a lot of us are practicing safe sex in our real lives by using condoms and it’s cool that we get to see it here. There’s definitely something relatable to it, but more than that it reinforces the idea that condoms don’t get in the way of a good time and that it’s okay to whip one out if that’s what you want to do. This cast appears to have the time of their lives sucking and fucking wherever they can, and I bet some of that comfort in part came from the fact that an extra layer of protection is there.

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