Five Reasons to Watch ‘Young Lust 2’ (Featured Video)

1-The Right Combination.

Young Lust 2 brings us those tight young bodies that so many of us men love to stare at. In this movie we see some newer stars. Winter Jade like her sex rough, Mackenzie Ross prefers passion, Alexia Anders has a thing for oral sex – giving and receiving. Ryder Rey wants her man to take control and do what he wants. These are very appealing sex stories that get right into the action. The girls are all so smoking hot and it’s refreshing to see them get totally naked. There is nothing better than watching a young girl who loves to fuck. Fun fact about the movie, the filming location must be near an ambulance or police station but the sirens didn’t affect my attention to what I was seeing.


2-Winter Jade.

She starts her scene wearing what I remember the girls to be wearing during my high school days. Girls in their summer clothes, very revealing and easy to take off. Her scene feels like one of those high school moments where you just got the pretty girl all to yourself and she is horny and hot. Underneath that short jean skirt is the type of undies that give you total confidence to go for it. He does, he slides them over to eat that pussy like a pro. Just like a horny young stud he can’t even wait to get her clothes off before feeling that warn pussy on his dick as he pounds her from behind. I’ve been so distracted by her I didn’t even notice until halfway through the scene how much body art this guy has, letters and art from head to toe. He ramps up her sensation when he pulls out her magic wand vibrator to pulse her pussy while he pounds into her. I love the intensity of this fuck, it really makes me want to be young again. Nice creampie ending!


3-Mackenzie Moss.

She is in the bedroom and her smile tells you just how horny she is. She is paired with Small Hands, another tatted stud. He is hungry for her pussy and aggressively pleasures it with his tongue. It doesn’t take him long to get his hard young cock inside her tight pussy. The start by fucking very intensely on the edge of the bed so he can pound hard and deep. He gives her a light choke hold while she moans with each thrust. She really gets into the pound by feverishly rubbing her pussy but then he adds the wand. I can’t decide which is sexier, her body or her smile. She receives his cock so well. He ramps it up to the next level by standing on the bed, lifting her up and really pounding hard in a beautiful position. It really seems to get her pussy going and her body writhes back and forth in orgasm. Their fucking gets more intense from that point on and is and extreme pleasure to watch.


4-Alexia Anders.

Sweet and sensual is how this scene starts out with a simple make-out session in the bedroom. You always know where a make-out session in bed is going. Her body looks so soft, innocent, and beautiful. He knows what to do when he rubs her bottom through her shorts. He uses his fingers to stimulate her pussy while eating her out. Then he eats from behind and gives us a great view of her sexy tanned body. He gets to poking her doggystyle to start but then flips her to missionary for an intimate fuck with nice kissing. You can hear how tight her young pussy is, I love when that happens. They take a break so she can suck on his big dick, and she does it beautifully. The camera pans around so we can stare into her eyes and watch her feet sway in the background. Then we get a POV shot of her riding his cock in a tight, detached reverse cowgirl. She is a gorgeous star and very talented, I want to see more of this girl.


5-Ryder Rey.

This newcomer is an ebony goddess wearing a cute schoolgirl outfit with white stockings. Can it get any sexier? Her sweet pussy looks delicious and I am sure he is enjoying the taste. I love how she keeps the outfit on for the start of the fucking in this scene. The outfit really works for me, so do her moans. Her hair is flowing and beautiful and she has a pouty and sexy expression while fucking. She looks amazing in all the positions and has great screen presence. She seems to have a knack for some deep throating too. She also is into eating ass which takes a special kind of girl. She makes it look incredible. This would have been my favorite scene if it wasn’t the last scene. The only negative thing I can say about this film is that the scenes are too much alike, especially with the same stud in three of the scenes but individually they are hot as hell.

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