Christy White

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Young Fantasies Vol. 11’ (Featured Video)

Four intimate scenes with four gorgeous women exploring deep passion and wet arousing sex. The new generation of women gets down in Young Fantasies 11 from Vixen, stretching their bodies in ways I never thought possible! Check out five reasons to watch this consuming erotic adventure.

Today’s young women are more open than ever

It’s not just their vaginas that open wider than ever, it’s their attitude toward sexuality. In fact, the pussies are quite tight, and they use that tightness to tug and pull on our hearts. They use it to experiment with fucking massive dicks, and accepting them inside themselves. Young Fantasies 11  from Vixen allows you the opportunity to see the new generation of horny pornstars in action. They take it deeper than ever before. Their bodies are fine tuned for cock consumption and it shows in their powerful rides and reactions. Celebrate the youth by watching these girls get it on and in.

The slurping lips of Christy White

The way Christy White’s soft pink lips caress the pristine erect cock of her male lover sends shivers down my spine. Her platinum blonde hair provides a true artists backdrop as she wraps her mouth delicately around his immense girth. She’s able to suck tightly, removing all air and slapping tongue to shaft, providing no escape from her prison of saliva and gums. She slurps with love and respect, trading off the rod for a suck of the ball. There’s a point where her mouth is stuffed with testicle and she looks up with glassy eyes yearning for approval, and I wanted to cry. That is what sex is meant to feel like. She gets it.

Sex on the European countryside

Multiple scenes feature care-free, physically exhilarating outdoor sex on the countryside. What countryside you ask? I don’t know, I’ve never been great with geography, I just guessed Europe, there’s a lot of cities and coasts there. One scene shows Lia Lin atop a mountain, naked and making good work of Marco Bull’s hard dick whilst they overlook a coastal village. It’s truly beautiful. Meanwhile Sirena Milano rides dong with the wind blowing in her hair, shaft full submerged into her vertical river, and she looks like a total action hero. Put her next to Tom Cruise in the next Mission Impossible, because I’ve never seen someone fuck and look that badass at the same time.

Lily Blossom’s tight, youthful, throbbing pussy

Lily Blossom’s thin bare body not surprisingly provides a ripe, tight, and very pink pussy. It acts as a small, high horse powered vacuum, wrapping itself so tightly around Christian Clay’s base. You can see the natural reaction as he presses into her from behind, and it contracts with primal vigor. Her mouth pops open with each thrust, and you can witness her entire body react to Christian’s penetrations. Her clit shines like a blossoming flower, receiving the vital nutrients it so desperately desires. She is filled with satisfaction and the surprise of a wonderful penis pounding.

Lia Lin’s hard flexing reverse cowgirl ride

Lia Lin’s core tenses up so tightly to precisely control the gyrations during her cowgirl position that I think she could make a killing on the bull riding scene. Her eyes shut and lips part with the pleasure of the manhood underneath her. Her control is astonishing as she quickly pops her hips up, revealing Marco Bull’s shaft up to his tip, then dropping her ass back down, consuming his entire length, and grinding it around inside her with a slow, strong rotation. Her thin body shows the abdominal muscles pulsating while she squeezes tightly to keep her balance and Marco inside her. Her pussy moistens and begins to swell in size from the friction created by the sexy blasting inside her. Lia is a cock riding champion who could ride any man and win.

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