Team Skeet presents Daughter Swap 13.

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Daughter Swap 13’ (Featured Video)

We’re 13 volumes into Team Skeet‘s charming Daughter Swap family roleplay series and I have a feeling we’re only at the beginning. Check out five reasons to watch the new featured video Daughter Swap 13.

Foursomes are two times the fun

In a normal movie about fucking tight slutty stepdaughters, you usually only get one daughter getting fucked at a time. If you’re lucky you get a threesome here or there. But in Daughter Swap 13 each and every scene is a busy and bustling foursome starring two dripping wet and insatiable babes getting their gaps pumped by two generous step dads. This movie is just as much a story about the comradery of men and step-dads as it is about getting your dick soaked in sweet pussy. These guys trade their step-daughters for each other to enjoy.

Young, agile, and energetic girls

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s great to consume all kinds of erotic story starring all different performers. However, there comes a time when it’s best to get back to the basics: young, blossoming women who are here for a good time. The women in Daughter Swap 13 are filled with vibrancy, youth, and a passion for sucking and fucking cock. Destiny Cruz and Mina Moon share a scene in which their small tight bodies are placed side by side and they are simultaneously rammed while the camera zooms to their faces. Remi Jones and Hazel Heart share tender moments eating each other out before getting overstuffed by daddy dick. Their performances exude life, love, and adventurous exploration.

Val Steele’s purple hair and tight body

You could build an empire around a good looking alternative girl, and Val Steele is that girl. Her eye-catching purple hair is hard to look away from, which is good because you won’t want to when watching her scene. She wears a white flower in her hair which keeps on during all the fucking. Her body is peppered with sprawling colorful tattoos and she is tight as a Chinese finger trap. If fucking a step-daughter is a fantasy then fucking a girl with purple hair like Val Steele is a dream. She rocks her hips up and down, smacking her vulva into scene partner Jessae Rosae’s face with tact precision. The movie is worth it just to fall in love.

Alessia Luna’s round and pierced tits

Anyone who still has a beating heart and an unbroken soul will take a nice pair of tits in their face any day of the week. But when you come across a pair that are pierced? Well, that’s when you know you’ve struck gold. Alessia Luna dominates her scene with her popping and pierced titties. She uses her suggestive eyes and sultry facial expressions to convey an incredible range of arousal and desire, all the while her big round knockers stand strong and sparkle like diamonds with the jewelry stuck through her nipples. Nothing says, “I’m a pro at fucking” like having pierced nipples, and Alessia proves it in her scene by giving us a glorious performance to watch and touch ourselves to. I know I did!

Living out family roleplay fantasies

While some may be ashamed to admit it, there’s an inherent kinkiness in the idea of laying pipe inside a hot and eager stepdaughter. Sure, the idea of a horny stepmom teaching you the ropes is fun. Or a super babe step-sis that happens to be promiscuous. But the step-daughter is the holy grail of family roleplay, and for those of us who are too upstanding to partake in real life, Daughter Swap 13 offers plenty of prime examples for us to jerk off to and live vicariously through.

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