Five Reasons to Watch ‘Bunk Bed Tales’ (Featured Video)

The wet slop of nostalgia

Ever been to summer camp and experienced the rewards of communal living? Bunk Bed Tales yearns for that simple times, but adds an extra wet slop of nostalgia by reminding you of all the girls you fantasized about. What if you could combine those two things? These girls get plowed in their bunk beds, mixing pleasure with nostalgia in a simple yet effective way. As someone who never went to summer camp, it made me nostalgic for something I never experienced, and that’s the sign of truly great art.

School girl pussy

Something about a hot women carrying a book bag is so darn delectable it’s impossible to ignore. Is she wearing a skirt too? What’s underneath? For whatever reason, we’ve all got a soft spot in our hearts and hard spot in dongs for the school girl look and Bunk Bed Tales features three gals dressing and acting the part. Susy Gala, Stacy Cruz, and Amy Amor wear cute backpacks and school girl outfits before getting their holes railed in the most hardcore of ways.

Stacy Cruz’s squat

Stacy has a lot of things to love. Her hair is silky and shiny, her face is cute and whimsical, her tits perky and shapely, and of course her thighs her strong and firm. But her most impressive action in Bunk Bed Tales is her ultra-powerful reverse cowgirl squat that she utilizes to ride a girth-y penis by the bunk bed. She creates a striking image with her Willem Defoe-esque sexy pose, one that can easily be blown up and used as a poster on college dorm room walls across the country.

Amy Amor’s big sexy ass

When you got them big ol’ yams, everyone is bound to be hungry. Amy Amor is packing cake in the back of her shorts that could feed a village for weeks. Some might say those cheeks must be parted and explored, and I couldn’t agree more. The feature of Amy in in Bunk Bed Tales elevates it from a simple movie about fucking in and around bed bunks to a movie about the influence and importance of a big sexy ass. Amy wields her booty as a weapon, using it get what she wants and hardening the dicks all around her.

Susy Gala’s hips, tits, and tats

How do you choose just one asset on a gal who has got so many? Easy, you don’t. I reject the premise that you have to choose one. Susy’s tits are big, busty and popping out of her shirt. They’re complimented by her curvy fit body and shapes right at the hips to accentuate her legs and ass. Her tan skin is peppered with tattoos along her lengthy arms and legs, which are a joy to see flapping and flailing when she’s getting humped hard in the bunk bed. Live out your fantasy of fucking the hot girl at camp.

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