Five Reasons To Watch ‘Gape Your Heart Out 2’ (Featured Video)

Welcome to the wonderful world of gape! Evil Angel and Proxy Paige are back with Gape Your Heart Out 2, and if you’re in to anal this movie will make your day. These tatted up beauties are spirited, sexual, horny, and love licking and fucking ass, making this one of the most fun and exciting flicks of the year. The sex is intense and in-you-face, the casting is perfect, the camera gets us as close to the action as possible, and it’s shot in 4K Ultra HD so the picture is crisp and clear on any device. I was extremely happy when this movie landed on my desk as a feature and I think you will be too! Let’s dive in…



It’s in the title, it’s in our hearts, and it’s definitely the first reason you should watch this movie. Sure, anal sex is awesome, but something about that gaping asshole just takes things to another level and I love how the girls can’t wait to show them off for the camera. Right off the bat Anuskatzz and Kellie Panther fill each other’s butts with massive toys showing us their gorgeous bodies and incredible skills. There’s no teasing as they jump right into action, something I know many will enjoy, and Anuskatzz’s body is stunning as she spreads her legs wide and let’s Kellie take her to her happy place. They set the tone and I’m happy to report the gapes, and the sex toys, just get larger as the scenes continue.

Alt Girls

Girls with tattoos are my weak spot and I love that Proxy showcases then every chance she gets. There’s something about that look that adds to the fantasy for me, and everyone in this movie is drop dead gorgeous! They’re fun, playful, adventurous, love to show of their bodies, and they’re not afraid to explore sexually, which is how we get five amazing scenes of hardcore lesbian anal sex. Not everyone is covered head to toe in ink, but even the subtle hard to notice tats turn me on, and I love how they model and pose in lingerie for us before getting down to business.


Lesbian anal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but Gape Your Heart Out 2 does it amazingly. Monika Wild and Eden Ivy are a great example of girls loving ass as they show off their small tits and begin shoving humungous toys inside their bodies. They flip in and out of various positions, making sure we get the best views, dive tongue first in each other’s butts, playfully dirty talk throughout the scene, and somehow leave us wanting more after all of that. Kristy Black and Morea Black are the same as they fuck the shit out of each other, putting on a show you’ll never forget. They attack each other with passion and motivation that’s unmatched, almost like they forgot the camera was even in the room and nothing is hotter than that!

Directed By Proxy Paige

Proxy Paige is one of the greatest to ever direct and there’s no doubt she’ll be in every hall of fame in the world when she hangs it up. People assume content directed by women is going to be gentle and sweet but Proxy throws all of that out the window and shows us that women can be raunchy, nasty, and in you face just like the fellas when it comes to fucking. She’s also amazing at putting talent together and these pairings are some of my favorites to date. Jumping off the porch with Anuskatzz and Kellie Panther was brilliant and lets the viewer know what to expect on some level. Also, those camera angles are on point! Proxy gets us right in the middle of the action, like we’re on set, and she doesn’t only go for the pretty shots. Sometimes we want nasty, raunchy, down and dirty sex, and Proxy delivers every single time. She also provides women with a space to be creative and explore who they are and what they like. The sets appear loose, fun, and safe, and that’s incredibly important when you’re trying to get the best performances from your stars. Proxy Paige is the best, and she can count this one as another hit.

Huge Sex Toys

For the most part, we’ve all played with sex toys at least once in our lives, but I bet you’ve never played with any as big as the ones you’re about to see. Initially, it can be a little off putting and throw you for a loop, but when you see how much pleasure these toys bring the stars you’ll be hooked. Dildos and anal plugs certainly feel good when used properly, but even better is the feeling of pushing, or stretching, your body to new pleasure filled heights. It’s like an athlete running faster or jumping higher and you can tell it motivates these wonderful women to go even harder and faster, which is great for us as viewers and customers. There’s no shortage in variety either. Various shapes, themes, and sizes are pulled out for use and I am more than here for it. We’ve been playing with toys forever and I see no reason that should stop when we get older and jump into the bedroom with our partners. Toys naturally bring out the light-hearted nature that’s necessary for healthy sex in any situation and watching it go down here was fantastic!


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