Linzee Ryder stars in a squirting porn video.

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Make Mommy Squirt 2’ (Featured Video)

Squirting is the representation of the American Dream

To see the fruits of your labors is an incomparable sense of accomplishment, especially in these trying times. Wages are down, inflation is up, yet productivity is at an all-time high. That’s why it’s so darned empowering to watch to a healthy mature woman squirt all her good stuff out at the hands of a hardworking man. It’s like watching a dam break. With the refreshing waters running down and providing a sensual release for all parties involved. A beautiful comradery is formed amongst two driven individuals.  In times like these, it’s paramount to remember, witness, see, and feel the apex of a woman’s pleasure, because it’s the one thing that’ll always be there for those who work hard enough.

Mandy Rhea’s determination

For some women, hot sex with a well-hung man is just bending and waiting. Some women just want a good pounding, but that’s not good enough for Mandy Rhea. Many is driven, full of determination, and she doesn’t just want a big hard cock to plow her and unleash her river of juices, she wants to be a driving force in the bedroom, and she does just that. Mandy flips her body around into different positions more than a trapeze artist at the local circus. Sure, she lies back, then goes to all fours and spreads her stuff, but she also takes charge and plants her fit body firmly on top of her bedmates dick, pointed straight up to the stars, and rides it like an old west cowboy.

Kiki Klout’s bombastic seduction

Kiki can turn a men red hot and hard with a quick flutter of her eyelashes, which makes it so much more disarming to watch her work her full seductive powers. She wears a tight pink top that looks soft and cozy yet is too small to contain the entirety of her overwhelming breasts which perk up out of the top and hang plump in the concavity of the fabric. The white strings holding her bulging breasts together looks like it could tear at any moment, with so much force pulling the top apart that Kiki’s erect nipples show through like a stone carving. When she finally lets those bombs drop and reveals her full naked chest, you’ll be prepared to watch her squirt.

Linzee Ryder’s massager play

A woman always creates magic by herself with her massager, but magic can turn into full blown enchantment when she has a partner to work the toy with her. Linzee is exceptional in her masturbation, spreading her legs wide like a horizontal hardwire and delivering devastating accuracy and technique to her clit with her fingers. But the moans amp up tremendously with her fuck pal comes in to help her work her massager. She has both hands free to work her body how she wants while her clit is taken care of by the tool. One hand fondles her breast and nipple while the other grips the inside of her thigh to hold on for dear life as she shouts and shakes with pulsating waves of ecstasy rippling through her body. Each primal squeal is like a crashing wave in an untamed sea, unrestricted, messy, and unbelievably powerful.

The irresistible intensity of scorching hot redhead Allison Fox

Often times when a hot redhead with great big tits walks into the room, every man and woman there regardless of relationship status has a brief or not so brief fantasy about fucking the living daylights out of her. Allison Fox is a few steps above your average redhead, being exceptionally hot and having the sexual openness of an adult performer. It’s impossible to look at her commanding face draped with fiery red locks and not want to please her. When she’s getting center penetrated in this scene, we see her very small strip of red bush, a tasteful acknowledgement of her beautiful genetics while displaying control and intent. There’s a moment where she’s getting her clam rammed doggy style, tits flopping, and she looks straight into the camera with her big blue eyes and it will steal the soul right out of your body to be forever hers.

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