Five Reasons to Watch ‘This Brings Me Back’ (Featured Video)

When you hear the phrase “this brings me back” where does it take you in your mind? Probably not to the exotic place that this sexy movie starring Lulu Chu and Jennie Rose is going to take you. In fact, this Girlsway movie will totally redefine this for you. Maybe you will learn a thing or two with this special lesson by Kimmy Kimm for Madi Collins. Nicole Doshi welcomes her girlfriend back from a coma after ten long years. Interesting storylines take you to a place of beautiful lesbian pleasure for all these girls.


Kimmy Kimm is a special Teacher

Kimmy is at Madi Collins to give her a complimentary squirt session so that Madi can surprise her girlfriend with her new skill. Kimmy gets everything prepared so nice as they both get naked and begin rubbing their pussies. Kimmy squirts fast from masturbation but Kimmy wants to really be involved int eh experience and she goes in for a little taste. Then when Madi takes her turn Kimmy gets her tongue moving to really make it happen for her. This lesson is intense, and they find every way to trigger that sweet juice.


A Special Unexpected Homecoming

When I say homecoming, I really mean home-cumming. An interesting story for Lulu Chu and Jennie Rose when Jennie comes to visit her old home and meets Lulu. They get along so well talking about the house from then to now. She gets the full tour but when they get to Jennie’s old bedroom old stories lead to a realization that they both are horny and looking for something. Lulu offers to let Jennie make one last memory in this house and they begin kissing on the bed. They get really into it mashing their warm pussies together, it’s so hot. Then they sixty-nine together moaning in sweet delights. A final passionate kiss secures the new memory.


Old Lover Returns After a Ten-Year Coma

Nicole Doshi is welcoming her lover Victoria Voxxx to her new home after she was in a coma from a car accident. The coma lasted ten years and she shares a recap of the accident and everything that happened over that time. They look through some old things and those old feelings begin to bubble over, passion fills the moment and the clothes come off. Nicole seems so happy to have that taste of her pussy back into her mouth, Victoria is alive again feeling that intense pleasure. These girls have some nice bodies to look at and they know how to use their tongues in the right spots. They really work together to cum at the same time for the camera to catch at the end of the scene. A very passionate and well played scene.


A Passionate Lesbian Drama

Each of the the stories in this film are interesting and adds to the passion that comes in the scene. We get just enough backstory to appreciate the connection the girls are having. The chemistry is perfect as all the stars look like they are having their own personal pleasure experience on camera for us to see. This movie was put together very well and is entertaining for any guy or girl to watch. You’ll be turned on, I promise.


A Lesson for the Girls

Any girl who wants to learn the sexy art of squirting from their pussy will enjoy the first scene. Aside from entertaining us it does capture a great lesson with some interesting steps to make the magic juice flow out. Watching a girl squirt can be intoxicating because you know she is getting off and having a great time. Maybe some girlfriends can get together and watch this movie and follow the steps that Kimmy Kimm has given and see if they can master this beautiful art.

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