'Coupling' from JoyBear Pictures.

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Coupling’ (Featured Video)

Rich and creamy narrative

While all porn is great porn, it’s often faced with a great number of criticisms from the proper public, and sometimes even our stuck up wives. “Where is the plot?” you’ve probably heard a million times before when trying to show your wife a smoking hot scene. Coupling shoots down those lazy critiques with a sprawling sexy narrative about a vanilla couple that go away on vacation with their sexually free polyamorous friend. They soon find their inhibitions unleashed and sexual desires manifested in the most slutty and freeing of ways. Anyone who needs that thirst chamber unlocked in their mind will find the key in watching Marcus and Jasko fuck strangers and experience the mouths, cocks, and pussies of total strangers.

Characters you want to fuck

As is the case with films with stories, we grow attached to the characters. We are invested in their journey, problems, and desires. So when we watch these characters portrayed in a romantic and, dare I say, sexual nature, it fills our loins with heated passion. From the moment Jasko is presented as a potentially sexual being, the yearning to see her naked and plowed into the couch is immediately overwhelming. Now imagine when you actually get to see it? There’s nothing more satisfying than watching someone you feel a personal connection to get pussy drilled.

Evie Rees’ anime pink hair

In a never ending stream of piercing attractions comes Evie Rees, a stacked beauty with a bubble butt, strong waist, perky tits, and perfectly maintained anime pink hair. Just like Coupling will grip the “for women” crowd with its narrative, it will strangle the cock of the weebs around the world with the fantasy of fucking a woman who looks like Evie Rees. Half woman, half mystical creature, Evie exudes a playful confidence capable of sucking in any man or woman who ever set sights on a cartoon character who made their downstairs tingle.

Jasko Fide’s hot 90s underground body

Nothing beats the basics, and the basics of a great porn movie is hot women. Jasko Fide is an immediate stunner with silky brunette hair and a fit body. But the true magic begins when we’re given a look underneath her clothes. She’s covered from shoulder to toe in a variety of black ink tattoos that range so far in content that her body looks like the wall of a punk rock venue. But it hardly stops there. Right below her belly text tattoo that spells, “LOVE” in big handwritten font, is a perfectly fuzzy triangular bush leading to her appetizing coochie. The parting of her legs proves to be a beautiful moment as the painted canvasses are spread to the side revealing a neatly folded and juicy vagina that anyone would be lucky to dig their face into.

Surprise lesbian sex with Viktoria Quinn

The hits keep on coming with yet another kinky specialty performed in this pleasing variety of scenes. It’s not only a surprise lesbian sex scene with Viktoria Quinn and Evie Rees, but a bdsm scene with Viktoria dominating the pink haired goddess that is Evie. Viktoria is fulfilling the thoughts of everyone who has ever gotten a glimpse of Evie, and that is putting her face down, ass up, and driving a long black strap-on up her wide open pussy. Like a good performer, Evie is grateful, insatiable even, and crawls on her hands and knees to be submissive pet, taking a mouthful of Viktoria’s strap-on before getting a ball-gag shoved in her mouth and dominated to Viktoria’s amusement and judgement.

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