Five Reasons to Watch ‘Stars 5’ (Featured Video)

The quality of Blacked studios films makes it easy to love. They are experts at finding the hottest girls and showing them off in the best light against a black stud. This studio is known for their multiple volumes of distinctive styles of movies because they all do so well that we keep craving more. The movies from them are constant bestsellers on DVD or VOD and I expect this volume of Stars to do just as well. How can it not with Gianna Dior, Kendra Sutherland, Lily Larimar, and Jennie Rose taking on the BBC. 

 #1: Kendra Sutherland 

Sexy Blonde and seductive is Kendra Sutherland driving in her Mercedes convertible so catch up with her black stud friend. He is showing off his new pad and she is in love with the place which makes her hot for him too. He takes a phone call, and she is thinking about how to get a hold of his cock. She knows how to get it; she is already prepared by not wearing any panties. She begins to play with herself knowing that he will stumble upon her, which he does. In no time flat she succeeds, and they have all their clothes off and have hit the bed. She looks so good with those big boobs bouncing as they fuck in about every position known to man. Their bodies complement each other so well. He gives her a load she will never forget.  

#2: Lily Larimar 

Lily is a film developer and new photographer. She is following in the steps of her role model by getting involved in the process of taking the pictures. While getting shots of black stud Anton Harden she needs to get various measurements. Yeah, you know where I am going, she cannot resist measuring his huge cock and the size excites her too much. She puts his equipment into her mouth trying to make it fit. She has a petite body, but it rides his cock with vigor and passion. Her eyes roll into her head from the extreme pleasure of his powerful thrust. She does manage to fit that entire shaft into her tight pussy as he pounds her so deep from so many angles. They have a nice long sex romp that was exhilarating to watch, that Anton is a lucky guy.  

#3: Jennie Rose 

Jennie is making money with her partner Rober Piper XXX. They are busy counting a ton of money that he packs into a bag with a gun. They are having a little dispute about another party when the tension boils over leading to a passionate kiss that begs for more. When the clothes come off, we see his buff and studly body against her sweet and sensual figure. She has oiled his big cock and is playing with it as she is blown away by the size. She really takes her time stroking it and sucking on it, just enjoying it for what it is. More oil is spread on his dick to make sure it fits in her tight Asian pussy. She loves it so much as she begins to moan and scream in delight. Wait until you see her in the reverse cowboy position and see how tight her pussy wraps his cock. She gets a load of cum delivered to her mouth. These t2wo make great partners in and out of the bedroom.  

#4: Gianna Dior 

Gianna looks so gorgeous as she swims in the pool then we see her getting a massage nude poolside. Two muscular black studs are rubbing her body down manipulating all her senses. Soon, their cocks are rock hard and huge as they take this to the next step. With this sexy threesome we have a tropical background with the blue ocean that seems to go on forever. Gianna is so sexual as she just attacks these two cocks using her sexy body to give them the time of their lives. The camera angles catch every perfect part of her body as these two studs tag team fucking her pussy. She was ready and willing to take every inch of these black cocks, but does she do a DP? Check it out.  

#5: A Beautiful & Sexy Porn Film 

If you have a high definition TV you are watching this on it will take your experience to a whole new level. The colors are crisp and perfect with nice contrast of black and white, but in vivid color. Blacked hits another home run with a perfect cast, great but short storyline where most of the scenes revolve around the sex with a big black cock. It is obvious why they call this series Stars, it is totally appropriate. This movie his over two hours long and it will be some of the best two hours you will spend with porn, I can promise you that. There are your five full reasons to watch/buy this movie now, a must have in your library.  

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