Five Reasons to Watch ‘My Young Black Stepdaughter’ (Featured Video)

When you are young and ambitious you will always be testing your boundaries and looking for new ways to get what you want. You can really get what you want if you are a young hottie who loves to fuck like the girls in this movie, My Young Black Stepdaughter. Nicole Kitt, Kira Noir, Daya Knight, and Diamond Banks are beautiful young stepdaughters who need or want something and know just how to get their stepdads to go along with the program. Let me give you five reasons to watch this new PENTHOUSE movie.


#1: Nicole Kitt is Too Hot to Handle

Nicole wants to go to the mall but her stepdad is watching the game. How can she get his attention? She tries the begging and that doesn’t work but she offers an exchange as she touches his cock through his pants. It’s a line that he does not want to cross but how can she resist. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to resist that gorgeous body of hers, those delicious tits. Her tight curves and her sexy chocolate body are the perfect dessert for a horny old white guy who has been probably dreaming of this moment. They look pretty good together completely naked as they give the oral pleasures back and forth. She seems to really enjoy it when he begins to pound her there on the couch. The sex is a little vanilla, and what I mean by that is not many positions and quick. The scene is still awesome though because I loved every second of looking at every inch of this babe.


#2: Kira Noir Shares Her Routine

Kira is in her zone meditating when her stepdad comes in complaining the chores he assigned are not done yet. Kira has a smile that will hypnotize you and her aura in this scene is very cute. She is sexy stubborn and makes him join her process instead of giving in to the chores. I like her attention to detail as she begins to do whatever she can to help him relax his energy. She does seem to have a secret agenda of course because she is unzipping his pants. I love the development of this scene and story, it’s as sexy as it watching her suck his cock. Very natural progression of watching a guy get a surprise seduction that incapacitates him to make rational decisions. He begins clapping because he is happy which makes me laugh, I love humor with my porn! Then he begins to explore her body and you can hear just how wet she is as he eats her pussy. I don’t think he is worried about chores now, he seems to be enjoying every minute of this powerful fuck. I love how hard she is rotating her hips as she rides on top of him. That was an awesome scene, she made him feel much better, me too!


#3: Daya Knight Loves Hanging with Her Stepdad

Daya gets picked up from college by her stepdad and explains what is going on in her life on the ride home. She tells him she likes to hang out with her stepdad and reaches for his cock while he is driving the car. How hot is that, she goes down on him with her sexy mouth right there before he can object. He was enjoying the attention so much het gets them home in record time and leads her to the bedroom. We get to see her sexy body in a hurry as he doesn’t waste no time stripping her down, my man! The guys in this movie seem to really know the art of cunnilingus. They get a great shot of her leg bent over his head as he eats his just desserts. She does a great job sucking his cock too focusing on licking the head. We get a great shot of her ass doing a sexy jiggle when she plops up and down on him real hard. Great sex with a big load sprayed all over her stomach for her to lather in.


#4: Diamond Banks is Horny and Uses Stepdad

Diamond is frustrated and horny when her date “flakes” in her leaving her as a pussy in need. Her stepdad tries to console her when he comes in and suggest they have a little bonding time. She says to him that she was horny and bonding time really wasn’t what she was looking for, UNLESS he is willing to take it to another level. Of course he is willing, he is a guy and she is another hottie. His cock is instantly rock hard and she begins to blow every inch of that shaft. She also massages his balls while deep throating his dick and it’s so hot. Once he sees her perfect body he can’t wait another second and begins pounding her hard from behind. Then he flips her over for a little more intimate of a fuck in a tight missionary cradle. You can immensely enjoy the sight of her spectacular body when they spoon fuck together on the couch, she is perfection. I like the rotation of positions in this scene and the focus on the hardcore sex.


#5: Great storylines and Great Cast

PENTHOUSE does it right with this movie with a stellar cast of ebony babes paired against chalky white older studs for a beautiful mix contrast. What I really liked about this movie is the storylines were real and that makes the scene so hot. I love watching guys get thrown into situations where their cocks get hard and all reason goes out the window. This movie portrays that so well with great acting to go along with the storylines. I also loved how all the girls got completely naked so that we could enjoy the art of their sexy bodies. There was a perfect (and I mean perfect) balance of storyline with the porn. The scenes were not drawn out too long with too much detail. There was just enough story to get these stepdads dicks hard and the viewers dicks hard too. The sex is powerful and the girls are really into it making it as about a perfect porn experience as you can find.


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