Five Reasons to Watch ‘Luna Star: Seduce and Destroy’ (Featured Video)

It looks like what we have here is a spy themed porn movie from Brazzers wrapped around Luna Star. She is out to Seduce & Destroy with that beautiful, naturally curvy body of hers. Would you be able to resist her if she set her sights on you?  I think not…let’s take a look at some reasons why this movie needs to be streamed on your device now. It’s a great fast paced movie focused on the sex as Luna Star makes the scene.


An Interesting Spy Story

Whether she is on the run from some bounty hunters or satisfying some personal urges with some of her sexy spy girlfriends. The story leaves us captivated on figuring out what she up to at the moment while she gets naughty with everyone she comes across. The movie is very fast paced and the story is somewhat tricky to follow but it’s porn, all we need is a little bit of story and LOT’s of Sex and this film delivers.


Luna Star is a Natural Porn Star

Luna proves herself as a capable spy, a great actress and hardcore sex addict as she does it all in this film. She does not shy away from anything whether it is double penetration, anal sex, lesbian fucking, squirting or just fucking as hard as she can. She has a massive sexual energy to her that will get anyone off and wear them down with her boundless energy. In this movie they capture all of her major “assets” well as the camera knows just when to go POV and give us a close up of that ass. She give a five star performance in this hot film.


Exotic Locations and Sets

The movie starts out with a beautiful setting on the water with Luna on the Run riding a wave runner that gives a great view of the coast and her sumptuous behind. She plays hide and seek on a beautiful yacht but she lets herself be found using her seductive powers to disarm the enemy when she fucks all three cocks out in the sun. She has a wicked hot lesbian scene on the beach that will make you come out of the water. Then she is getting fuck on some sports cars.


Multiple Threesomes & More

In the first scene she takes on three huge cocks at the same time in a glorious scene on the water. Just as your cock has a chance to recover from that hot scene she is wrapped up in a lesbian scene and using a strap on to fuck hard on the beach. At the club as she is trying to gather some intel Luna teams up with Kelsi Monroe as they gain info by making a studs cock turn hard. They incapacitate him with their wet mouths and hot bodies letting him fuck some ass.


Sex on a Car

Men loves sports cars and they love hot women. Luna uses this to her advantage to mix the two. She seduces a classic car lover and lets him eat her pussy before riding her cock on the hood of his car. The sex gets so hot there she squirts all over the hood and I don’t think she was trying to wash the car. She is definitely in the moment grinding on his big dick. I can’t believe there are no dents. They change over to her candy apple red sports car for the big finish.


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