Aiden Ashley and Ashley Fires star in Dare We Share 2 porn video.

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Dare We Share 2’ (Featured Video)

What happens when two sexy stars set their sights on the same cutie co-star? Sparks fly, both in and out of the bedroom. Devil’s Film returns with a new edition of threesome series Dare We Share! Check out five reasons to watch the latest GameLink featured porn video.

Threesomes with a kick

Nothing beats a classic boy/girl/girl threesome, right? Well, nothing but a B/G/G threesome that has the intensity of rivalry and competition in the mix, too. Dare We Share 2 generates plenty of tension in the opening moments of its four sequences. Jealousy, envy, and suspicion pervade as two women squabble over their sexual claim on a particular dude. The actors have a lot of fun sniping at each other, but we know that they will find a way to work out their differences. Which brings us to point number two . . .

Creative conflict resolution

Aiden Ashley and Ashley Fires have an inkling of symmetry in their names, but very little lines up in their personal lives. In their battle for the unofficial title of neighborhood sex queen, they both have their eye on cute collegian Jay Romero. When Ashley stops by his house to make her move, she discovers Aiden is already there. They bicker over who is hotter, who is a better lover, and who should end up in bed with Jay. Nervous Jay himself offers the obvious solution: let’s stop arguing and all go to bed together. Send this guy to the Middle East to broker generational peace! Jay mentions that he’s just joined the college football team, but the combination of Aiden and Ashley exhausts his physical capabilities in all the best ways. By scene’s end, he’s drenched in sweat just as surely as his co-stars are covered in cum.

Danny Mountain: the Jude Law of porn?

As he ages, star porn performer Danny Mountain seems more and more like a beefier version of mainstream performer Jude Law. The good looks, the rascally British accent, the magnetic onscreen charm — it’s all there, plus a few abilities that even the strapping Law may not possess. Namely, a capacity to take on two pornstars as rambunctious as Kitty Valance and Kagney Linn Karter at the same time. Mountain plays a modeling agent who is letting Kagney and Kitty stay in his spacious home when they are in between gigs. “You’re both incredible fucks. If I could, I’d fuck you together, that’s how good you are.” Well, it’s obvious where this is going, but the tension between the two ladies remains stubbornly in place. It’s only when Danny proposes a blowjob contest, with each woman getting a chance to prove her mettle, that cooler “heads” prevail.

Pistols at dawn

Uh-oh. Tommy Pistol has gotten himself into a tight fix. When Lulu Chu and Kylie Rocket reveal to one another that they’ve both found the ideal guy, they’re delighted . . . at first. As they reveal more and more details, they come to an unpleasant conclusion: their boyfriend is the same dude, two-timin’ Tommy. (The slow realization is deftly played by both actors.) When they confront Tommy, he melts into a series of neurotic, humorous reactions (few actors are as good at this agitated mental state than Pistol). They fuck their way through their anger, of course, but Tommy gets his just deserts by the scene’s end. It’s a dramatic “girl power” conclusion that leaves the betrayed girlfriends on top while giving Pistol another chance to show his acting chops.

Syren De Mer’s nip slip

You know you’re a graceful, seasoned professional when you have a premature nip slip in a scene but carry on without missing a beat. In the movie’s final segment, Syren De Mer plays one third of a work team that’s hitting its creative stride in a month-long project. She’s even grown comfortable enough with co-worker Madi Collins to confess that she’s crushing big time on hunky Isiah Maxwell. Madi pre-empts Syren’s crush by confessing her own lust to Isiah first, leading to a feisty back-and-forth. As they trade verbal blows, one of Syren’s imposing boobs pops out of her majestic magenta top. You’ll find it difficult to focus on any of the ensuing dialogue as your eye zooms to this appealing sight. Syren restores the errant funbag without batting an eye, but don’t fret. Far more extensive nudity is just around the corner when she and Madi tag-team their astonished co-worker. Syren’s MILF-y energy provides a mature glow to this final scene of Dare We Share 2.

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