Couple Swap 3

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Couple Swap 3’ (Featured Movie)

Always banging the same person is boring

You and me and everyone out there with a significant other knows that banging the same person over and over again is boring. Sure, sex is like pizza and even when it’s old and cold it’s still good. But you know what’s better? New and hot sex with a new bombshell fuck buddy. It’s so easy to get in the mood when there’s a new set of tits you’ve never seen before, or a smooth round ass that you’ve never plowed. Each scene in Couple Swap 3 caters to this delightful fantasy of partner switching. It’s all done with class and approval, with both partners getting their hands on a new pussy or dick! It’s easy to fall into arousal when you watch two couples experiment on one another and give in to their most carnal desires.

Lily Lou’s sex face

Lily Lou has a lot of great features, and I mean a lot. The way her tits shape in her shirt should be studied in art classes around the country. How perfectly pink and wet her pussy is when Anna Claire Clouds fingers it could be the showcase for what a healthy woman looks like. But perhaps the most bedazzling is her expressive joy when getting rammed up the snatch by her new sex partner. He jaw unhinges wide and you see the same sensation exuded from a kid in a candy store. When a girl can emote that explosively in a sexual circumstance you know you’ve struck porno gold, and that’s exactly what Couple Swap 3 is!

Foursomes are hot

Twosomes are old news, and you hear about threesomes all the time. But why aren’t there more foursomes? Couple Swap 3 solves that problem because when you have two couples going down on each other, you have a quad squad! The numbers just make more sense anyway, there’s a lot more you can do with four people during sex than with three. No one is left out! Each of the four scenes in Couple Swap 3 has a dick-bulging stud and slutty gal teaming up with another equally gorgeous couple for intense group sex you wish you could be having with your hot friends. Imagine fucking your best friends girl, while he fucks yours, and everyone is having a good time! These are the kind of life experiences that are priceless. Remember the next time you have sex to spread the wealth a little, remember this movie, and invite some friends into the bedroom!

Alyx Star’s massive natural tits

Few talentscome along in a generation that have the mature and realized milk jugs of Alyx Star. Her school-girl look starts and ends with her bright hopeful face and turns into full-bodied fuck machine machine once your eyes reach her ginormous titties. These things could cause tsunamis if they were carelessly thrown in the ocean, and will surely cause waves inside your penis once you see them unsheathed from her top. It’s nothing but a treat to watch them bounce while she rides dick, or roll around while she’s pounded. She has a true gift that never ceases giving. That’s why I’m sure to catch any flick that has an Alyx Star performance, before her breasts will always overflow my cup!

Team blowjobs

Everything is better in pairs and that includes blowjobs! Imagine getting your dick blown by your boy’s hot ass girlfriend, while your hot ass girlfriend is blowing his dick right next to you! Sure, it can form a bond of comradery among men, but what about the women? Watch Anna Claire Clouds take the tip to back of her throat while she turns and watches her girl Lily Lou smile at her and suck a dick herself! They work together, separate but same, slurp as a pair. It’s a beautiful scene, and they even help each other out by going down on the same dick, so everyone gets a chance! Team blowjobs are the future of sex, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it could made into a game and maybe even a league!

Nubile Films presents Couple Swap 3!

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