Five Reasons To Watch ‘First Time Anal’ (Featured Video)

Penthouse is back with another banger that features mind blowing anal sex with four hot stars doing it for the first time. By now we should all know that Penthouse is known for pumping out hits across a variety of categories and themes with the aim at making some of our wildest fantasies come to life, and if you’re a lover of entering through the backdoor you’re going to enjoy your self with this one.

It’s The First Time!

Everyone has first time memories. Maybe it’s your first time working in an office, first time asking someone out on a date, or even your first time at a professional sporting event, but for these four lovely ladies, nothing will top their first time doing anal and the storyline fantasies are perfect to get you in the mood and keep the action going. Something about being a part of another person’s first time makes us feel included and powerful and both of those are key to good sex, especially anal sex. Every action you see is backed by the fact that we know they’ve never done this before and we get to be there to witness a personal history in the making. Watching this one should bring back some pretty good memories for most of us and maybe there will even be a few attempts to re-create some of those first for those feeling extra frisky.

Khloe Kapri gets a rub down

Jay Romero has more planned for anal massage virgin Khloe Kapri when she steps through his doors. At first everything appears normal as he explains how the process works and she gets undressed and oiled down. Understandably she’s a little nervous because she’s never gotten a professional massage before, but nerves calm as Jay gets started and it doesn’t take long for him to stick a finger up her ass to get the ball rolling. Khloe lets Jay know good it feels and he quickly takes the hint, stepping in front of her with his stiff dick pointing in her face begging to be sucked. After a quick blowie no time is wasted getting in that ass! Jay squeezes in, much to Khloe’s delight, and the pair bang it out in every position imaginable right there on the massage table. Talk about a happy ending!

We All Need Therapy

Desperate to please her boyfriend, Jane Wilde seeks out the help of a professional therapist to become a pro at anal sex. He wants to take things to the next level and she’s all for it, but she’s insecure because she’s never done it before. Therapist Nathan Bronson suggests all she needs is practice and selflessly offers up his penis to help her. Nathan’s approach is interesting to say the least, as he hardcore pounds away at her bottom to give her the confidence she seeks. For this to be Jane’s first time she takes it like a champion and keeps up with Nathan’s pace as he twists and turns her body to make sure she feels every inch of him. For good measure he nuts all over her face, and I think it’s safe to say Jane’s boyfriend is going to love her newfound wild side and love for all things anal.

Cheating Drama

Initially, Jesse Pony doesn’t want to cheat on her loving husband, but have you seen Apollo Banks!? The man is gorgeous and as soon as she sees him the look in her eyes gives her fantasy away. After showing off and twerking for him she begs him to lick her pussy and he can’t drop to his knees quick enough. After slurping up her juices she returns the favor and from there it’s on. I don’t know what her husband did or did not do, but I feel for the poor guy as I watch his wife get her ass pounded, and loves every single minute of it, in their marital bed. Her eyes roll to the back of her head, her moaning is a call and response from all the pleasure she’s experiencing, and I have a feeling this won’t be the last time these two get together to break vows.

Virgin Offerings

Most of us think of offerings as old time rituals no longer necessary to gain favor with the Gods above, but if you really think about it we offer parts of our lives to each other daily and for Sophia Burns it’s an anal virgin offering that’s happening today. Priding herself on being a good girl, Sophia makes it a point to respect her parents’ house, but persuasive boyfriend Robby Echo whispers a few sweet nothings in her ear and pretty soon she’s down to try being naughty for a while. They fuck in her bedroom for a while before Sophia really starts to feel herself and offers Robby the chance to stick it up her bum. Naturally he jumps at the opportunity and what follows is mind blowing intense anal action that all backdoor lovers can get behind. Watching Sophia flick that switch from good girl and naughty little freak is enough to push you over the edge by itself, but watching her take Robby’s rock hard dick in her virgin asshole may be one of the sexiest things you watch all year.


First Time Anal porn video from Penthouse


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