Texas Patti has anal sex with her stepson.

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Stepmom Likes It Up the Ass 3’ (Featured Video)

You’re in your room, minding your own business, when suddenly, the door is flung open. It’s your stepmom, and she isn’t here to remind you about chores or tell you it’s time for dinner. Nope, anal sex is on the agenda this time, and you’ll never know what hit you. Hit up these five reasons to watch the latest GameLink featured video, Stepmom Likes It Up the Ass 3.

Unsubtle stepmoms

It’s nothing new to see porn stepmoms seducing their stepsons. However, these Devil’s Film moms approach the task with a chafing disinhibition that may startle even the most jaded porn viewer. Lauren Phillips bluntly declares that she’s seen her stepson’s dick many times, in the shower and when he’s “beating off.” She and her cohorts toss off these observations with such blithe insouciance, you’ll be blushing right alongside the astonished stepsons. The effect is humorously vulgar, adding to the movie’s zip and overall entertainment value.

Naughty anal

Anal already carries an aura of the forbidden. That’s partly why it’s such a popular porn theme, touted loudly on box covers and in marketing copy everywhere. It takes on an even more scandalous luster when it’s paired with a envelope-pushing genre like family roleplay. Anal sex is seldom hotter than when it’s part of a sexual coupling that itself has a forbidden aura. The movie’s scenes move incrementally into the anal action, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation in each case.

Texas Patti

Texas Patti is rapidly becoming one of my favorite stars. With dark, expressive eyebrows and the naughtiest shark’s grin this side of Jack Nicholson, she brings a diabolical, sex-crazed energy to her every moment onscreen. She’s arguably a new breed of MILF, one who eschews much of the nurturing aspect of motherhood to lean into the domineering side of the archetype. This time, she plays a stepmom who gets into an argument with her stepson over the loud sex noises she’s been making in the next room. She counters that he’s been soiling socks as part of his own sexual routines. The solution, of course, is for them to fuck. (Isn’t it always?) The anal sex takes center stage, but Texas Patti’s handjob skills are also notable in their ferocious, machine-like intensity.

A creative way to reduce the water bill

With inflation’s effects still being felt, it’s harder and harder to pay the monthly bills. That’s why Cassie Del Isla barges into her stepson’s room in a rage to confront him about his extra-long showers. They’ve resulted in an exorbitant bill, so Cassie proposes that they take showers together from now on to save money. In a harbinger of later action, she also mentions that her willingness to have anal sex with his dad means she’s already earning her keep more than stepson is. He ignores her request, but when his shower surpasses the agreed-upon limit, Cassie hops on in there with him. We’re treated to some sudsy, soapy goodness before they adjourn to the bedroom for the scene’s anal climax. Like father, like son! (It remains unclear what impact is made on the water bill.)

Bath time with Pristine Edge

In another water-themed highlight, we get an alluring glimpse of Pristine Edge’s bathroom routines in the opening moments of her scene. Her head crowded with lusty thoughts about her stepson, she slips into a bath to masturbate. Later, she recounts this sordid episode to stoke stepson’s interest in what she really wants: anal sex. This wet-and-wild bath moment is not the scene’s primary focus, but it gets the sequence off to a rousing, arousing start.

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