Daisy Taylor stars in Transsensual from Deep Lush.

Five Reasons to Watch ‘TransSensual’ (Featured Video)

Introduce yourself to Owen Gray‘s new imprint Deep Lush with the latest GameLink featured video, TransSensual. Gray offers four top trans stars in sexy, streamlined scenes that need nothing more than a hearty sex drive and a few high-definition cameras to get the hardcore party started. Read on for five reasons to watch!


Deep Lush and Owen Gray

Owen Gray is the director/star behind the Deep Lush label. His style was neatly summed up by Casey Calvert in an interview earlier this year: “I think he knows exactly what his fans want to see. And that’s what he makes. And it’s all about the sex.” This laser-like focus has helped Gray win many fans over the years, including numerous within the porn community itself. Skye Blue cited Owen Gray as one of the very first adult stars who made her take true notice of the adult industry. “That was the first time I had ever really seen porn outside of dirty mags on a shelf and Barnes and Noble, where I was like, wow, this is super beautiful. This can be like porn. Like it was the first eye-opening to porn that wasn’t like cookie cutter from the 2000s — really beautifully and artistically done,” Blue said earlier this year.

TransSensual is a sterling example of the simplified, eye-catching style described by Calvert and Blue. The camera pushes immediately to two beautiful people in a bedroom, exploring each other’s bodies. We don’t know who they are or what brought them there, but that’s the point. It takes a skillful filmmaker to eschew all trappings of story and entertain purely with sexual chemistry. That’s Gray’s signature, and it’s a damned good one, too.

Daisy Taylor

Daisy Taylor was a pure revelation when she entered the porn scene a few years ago, quickly topping the trans star rankings on many of our sites. She has that ineffable “it” factor in every moment she appears on screen. This time, she stars in the movie’s opening scene, giving Owen Gray a stupendously sexy working over. Her saliva-soaked BJ, photographed to put your right in the thick of it, is the stuff of oral-sex heaven. Gray, meanwhile, gives as good as he gets, ravenously eating Taylor’s ass.

Natassia Dreams in red lingerie

“Around me, a woman wears mink, or she wears nothing,” Al Pacino tells Madonna in 1990’s Dick Tracy. “Well, I look good both ways,” she responds. It’s a similar situation with Natassia Dreams. It’s hard to say whether she looks more alluring in her red lingerie or purely au naturel. Happily, we’re treated to both lovely views in TransSensual (which was shot in 2020/2021 prior to Dreams’ gender confirmation surgery). The lean, muscular Gray looks just as great on cam as she does, and when you put them together, well, it makes for a very erotic experience.

A different type of climax

Most B/G and trans videos end with a ubiquitous, seemingly indispensable porn trope: a prominent, visible ejaculation, usually somewhere on the female performer’s body. TransSensual does not feel the need to reinforce this tried and true formula. Instead, most of the movie’s climaxes occur much more organically, without theatrical emphasis or closeup. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a crazy, scene-capping Peter North cumshot as much as anyone, but the alternate approach in TransSensual is fresh and freeing. There’s an occasional herky-jerky quality to porn climaxes, anyway, as the male performer positions himself and the editing cuts past some of the build-up. (Coming on command, in the sweep of a long continuing shot, is no easy task, even for industry veterans.) TransSensual‘s finishes are more like real-life sex, allowing you to focus on the satisfied faces and body language of the performers.

The cock cage

For the most part, TransSensual does not lean on props, toys, or gimmicks to deliver the goods. There is one notable toytime addition in scene four, though, courtesy star Natalie Mars. She wears a pink cock cage throughout most of the scene’s action, adding a spicy note of BDSM play to otherwise streamlined sex with Owen Gray.

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