Five Reasons to Watch ‘Petting Zoo’ (Featured VOD)

From the beautiful, twisted, freaky minds of Aiden Starr and Sheena Shaw, Petting Zoo is a delightfully playful lesbian fetish cosplay extravaganza that will blow your load and your top off. Evil Angel has another hit on their hands and it won’t take long for you to recognize why. With everything from extreme lesbian penetrations, to anal rimming and sex toy play there’s bound to be something for everyone to enjoy. You don’t have to be a hardcore fetish lover to love Petting Zoo and you’re definitely going to have fun.

Petting Zoo Porn video on demand from Evil Angel

Primal Surreal Fun

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to capture a sexy little mouse and play with it’s pussy while stretching her asshole out and watching pleasure spread across her face? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to strap-on a gigantic dildo and butt fuck the shit out of a naughty kitten? This movie plays with all those fantasies and much more as our four gorgeous stars push and pull each other way past any invisible limits that you may find on other sets. The ladies let their animalistic instincts take over and it’s beyond sexy, not just because of cute kitten ears, fluffy bunny tales, and piglet costumes, but because of the dominant and submissive roles that naturally form from it. There will always be a hunter and the hunted, you just may be surprised who is who.

Sophia Burns it up!

Sophia Burns is an amazing performer and I think her role in clip 2 as a submissive little cat is some of her best work to date. It isn’t easy sharing the screen with Aiden and Sheena, but Sophia carves out the perfect spot for herself and dominates her role. She takes everything Aiden throws her way, with a naughty smile on her face the whole time, and even looks to want more as they fondle her ass. First a glass dildo is shoved down her butt, next she shares double dildo duties with Sheena and Aiden barks orders to them from above, and finally she’s fucked with that biggest strap-on I’ve seen in a very long time. Taking extreme penetrations seems to be a talent Sophia has mastered and I for one can’t wait to watch her do it again.

Aiden is still Dom Queen!

Sometimes three really is better than two. Watching Aiden dominate is always a treat but watching her dominate two sexy submissive horny chicks at once is like having dessert twice in one meal! She shows Sheena, Tommy King, and Sophia who is top boss bitch while maintaining scene balance and chemistry throughout the entire process. I especially love how she allows her costumes to slightly dictate how severe or understanding her character will be. She’s a fierce kitty dressed in latex not to be fucked with and it sets the perfect tone right from the jump.


I won’t lie to you guys, I’m not the biggest fan of anal. Sometimes if feels like a lot of work for a tiny gain, but there is something super impressive about gapers man. The human body is full of wonders and that has to be one of the biggest. Watching Sheena fuck Tommy until she gaped was a turn on for sure but it also gave me a lot of respect for these women and what they do with their bodies sometimes on a daily basis. Viewing it is like being allowed into their intimate private moments and that’s one area most aren’t willing to share, so it’s always a delight when we get a gape overload like this one.

Directed by Women

Women bring a little something extra with our perspectives on sex and watching Petting Zoo is a brilliant example of the excitement and exploration that occurs as a result. Sheena and Aiden show us how to dive into our wildest fantasies enjoying where they take us and not asking too many questions along the way. You won’t believe this is their first time collaborating as directors with how smooth the production is but after watching you definitely won’t want it to be their last. People tend to believe that women view sex as something soft and romantic, but that couldn’t be further from the truth and if ever there were two directors to illustrate that it’s Aiden Starr and Sheena Shaw. Please porn gods, let there be a part two!


Petting Zoo porn video on demand from Evil Angel

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