Five Reasons To Watch ‘Cum Swapping Cuties 3’ (Featured Video)

How do I make my dream of being in a threesome happen? Maybe I will get some ideas with Cum Swapping Cuties 3 by Devil’s Film. In this movie four studs realize their dream and get two girls to take care of all their cocks’ desires. A fantastic cast of girls too with Maya Farrell, Braylin Bailey, Scarlit Scandal, Kayley Gunner, Vanessa Sky, Anna Claire Clouds, Katie Kush and the cute and ultra-flexible Coco Lovelock. I can’t wait to see how these stories play out.


Reason 1: A Morning Surprise

Imagine that you have just woken up and are brushing your teeth and the doorbell rings. I myself am not a morning person so I would be annoyed but I would be missing out. At the door is Maya Farrell and Braylin Bailey are there to see the “sexiest” man. They have an agenda, they want to go to Vegas but they need a way there. Hmm what can they offer him? He is doing a pretty good job resisting until they touch his midsection, then like any man he is putty. They take him upstairs and throw him on the bed, deeply excited by the size of his BBC. The way they work together sucking his cock and his balls completely incapacitates him. I think they could both put both of their hands on top of each other on his cock and there still would be some of it untouched. Maya gets on his cock first and then helps Braylin get her tight pussy around it. The fucking in this scene is awesome, I’d go on this trip to Vegas and repeat this scene over and over!


Reason 2: Scarlit Scandal Is Too Hot

Scarlit has a lot of experience with threesomes but her current boyfriend can’t seem to find the right girl for this choosy lady. He keeps pushing for the threesome so she offers to bring in an old friend, Kayley Gunner. They want to make his first threesome very memorable, how sweet! They start by doing a sexy show for him wearing some very sexy outfits with stockings. Then they pull his cock out to include him by sucking on it with Kayley using her big tits to wrap around it too. His cock is rock hard and he is all smiles as he takes turns pounding into each girl in various positions. The fucking was kind of quick but if it was my first threesome it would be over even faster, at least the first round of it.


Reason 3: Friends Helping Friends

Hot blonde Anna Claire Clouds is very emotional after catching her boyfriend fucking another woman. Her friend blurts out “suck my dick and you will feel better.” Anna quickly takes him up on the offer even though her other friend Vanessa Sky is also in the room. Vanessa is shocked by the offer, and that Anna acts on it. She begins to feel left out and turned on at the same time and eventually joins in the sucking exploration. Sometimes it is the simplest ploys to get a girl naked that actually work, for this guy it’s a double payoff. It doesn’t take long until they are all naked, kissing and fucking. Both ladies have tight hard bodies with nice tattoos on them. It is very safe to say that they took Anna’s mind off her troubles and cheered her up, maybe this will be a new friend connection for all three of them. Very hot how the girls share his cum at the end with the sexiest kisses.


Reason 4: Showing off a New Place the Sexy Way

Coco Lovelock is showing off the most stunning apartment to her friends. When they guy steps out to use the bathroom Coco talks about her relationship woes and ask her friend Katie Lush to offer a threesome. When the offer is made his answer is “what guy would say no?” My answer exactly, then Coco is instantaneously sucking on his huge hard cock. She is such a cute girl but oh so naughty – just the way I like them. Katie deep throats that huge cock pretty deep, almost to a gag. These girls are so aggressive once they have the green light, wow! Katie starts out the flex moves by getting her pussy eaten while doing the hottest split on the couch. Both girls go absolutely nuts once they get the feel of that cock in their pussies not wanting to take turns. What a view, what a scene!


Reason 5: No Disappointments

What a porn film guys, if this movie doesn’t get you off then you have some eclectic taste in porn. This movie delivers to all the male senses visually and each scene makes for a perfect fantasy I want to be part of. The storylines were kept simple getting right down to the porn that we are all here for. Big cocks and lots of positions make the movie very steamy. The best scene was the final scene but the others were all close seconds. This movie easily gets a full five star rating.


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