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Five Reasons to Watch Dorcel’s ‘Duality’ (Featured Video)

You’ll never again experience a vacation quite like the one you’re about to share with Mary (Cherry Kiss) and Tania (Clara Mia). They’re both in relationships, but this Spanish beachside getaway is strictly for the girls — and any alluring men they may encounter on their way. It’s fertile territory for tests of fidelity, but Dorcel finds nuanced, sexy ways to handle these familiar themes. Such is the Duality of Dorcel. Check out five reasons to watch!

A wake-up BJ from Clara Mia

When it comes to wake-up calls, I can think of few better than the sight of Clara Mia with mischief in her eyes. In Duality’s extended prologue, she awakens her partner with a pre-departure blowjob. (The fact that friend Cherry Kiss is blowing up her phone with texts doesn’t faze Clara at all.) It’s fun to see a BJ see function fully on its own, rather than as part of the foreplay leading into a full-on sex scene.

The wordless vacation montage

Duality is a porn movie, of course, so it may seem odd to focus on a section that is devoid of explicit moments. But I love the extended vacation montage director Franck Vicompte places near the movie’s beginning. Wordless and largely devoid of sound effects, this impressionistic sequence builds mood with gorgeous photography and some unusual music cues. A Middle Eastern-style vocal over a rambunctious rhythm creates a surprisingly reflective tone as the movie’s protagonists explore their new holiday playground.

The White Lotus parallels

White Lotus became one of HBO’s biggest hits when it debuted in 2021. Each season takes audiences inside the lives of visitors to posh vacation resorts in places like Hawaii and Italy. It uses a compulsively watchable combination of enviably luxurious locales and messy, mangled personal dramas. Dorcel’s basic formula here is the same, although the biggest difference is the Dorcel characters actually seem to be loving their lives. It’s an important distinction that gives Duality considerable more re-watchability, despite its more limited script.

An open-minded fiancé

(Spoiler alert!) Just as Tania and Mary’s vacation is beginning to hit its stride, they are surprised by a visit from Mary’s boyfriend, Alex (Tommy Cabrio). He drops to his knee and proposes to her on the beach. The happy scene is complicated by the fact that Mary has just had an affair with Juan Lucho, a handsome, adventurous man she met at a pool party the previous evening. Later, when Mary leaves Alex alone with her phone, he stumbles on a video capturing part of the steamy tryst. As an audience, we expect him to explode in a jealous rage at this indiscretion. Instead, Duality goes in a different direction. Alex is actually aroused to see his fiancee have sex with another man. He’s so turned on that he makes passionate love to Alex the moment she steps back into the room. (Just look at the hungry way he mashes her booty with his palm as they fall into one another’s embrace!) While the dirty talk in the dubbed version is stilted at times, the superbly authentic chemistry of the couple makes the scene one of the movie’s most memorable. It also perfectly sets up the grand finale (see below).

The final threesome

(Spoiler alert!) Mary eventually realizes that her fiance knows about her dalliance with Lucho, setting up a scorcher of a threesome at the movie’s end. The rhythms of this particular sequence diverge from the typical threesome in numerous interesting ways. There is an emphasis on voyeurism and watchfulness, as each man enjoys his intimate moments with Mary while the other watches. It’s as if they’re soaking up the sexual energy of what they see as a sort of “charge” for their own turn with Mary.

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