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Five Reasons To Watch ‘The Sexy Side Of Fashion’ (Featured Video)

The world of fashion is mentally and physically demanding, fast-paced, highly competitive, and full of drama. It’s also sexy and enticing making it the perfect place for porn fantasy to reside and that’s where Private comes in. The Sexy Side Of Fashion perfectly blends all those themes together visually guaranteeing this to be one of your go to movies all year. The cast is perfect for this movie, the production is high, and most importantly every clip is sexy as fuck.

The Sexy Side Of Fashion porn video from Private


We’ve got models, photographers, agents, owners and faces of companies all fighting for the top spot in a cut throat industry and none of them are willing to back down. Of course, some are more seasoned and experienced than others, giving them a slight edge, but the newbies don’t back down easily and what unfolds is good old fashioned cheating, lying, backstabbing, and fucking on the job. It doesn’t get much better than that! Top model Eveline Dellai is married to agency boss Bruce Venture and they’ve established themselves quite well, but there’s always someone younger and prettier right behind you, which is where Tiffany Tatum (wonder if she likes the Celtics?) enters the picture. Bruce can’t keep his eyes or mind off of her and that’s how it all starts. It would be a love triangle…


We’re all here for hot butt naked women taking dick like it’s their last opportunity, but there’s something incredibly sexy about watching these ladies strut their stuff in beautiful clothes and swim wear. Take Eveline Dellai (great name!) in clip four for instance. Her shoot for the day is a cute sexy poolside gig with her sporting a tight pink bikini and she absolutely kills it! She switches in and out of poses with ease and the tease is almost unbearable. Watching her next to that glistening pool with the Cali backdrop is so beautiful you might have a visual orgasm.

Tiffany Tatum does her modeling thing in the third clip too! Bruce is there, naturally since he has a crush on her, and she is beyond prepared. She flaunts her curves in a bikini with water lightly falling all over her body, before looking equally as sexy in a pair of black washed denim booty shorts and a white button down crop top. It’s no wonder Bruce couldn’t focus on anything coming out of her mouth after that. Plus she really does have that model look and that just adds to the all around fantasy.

Amazing Lighting

This one should be a no brainer, especially in a movie about fashion and modeling, but we’ve all seen porn flicks with terrible lighting where you can’t even tell what’s going on and I am happy to report that’s not the case here! Private never has a problem with production quality but it stands out so much more because of the plot. One of the most important things during a photoshoot is lighting and the same is true for porn, so merging them together in this movie was crucial and director Dave Menich hit the nail right on the head. It’s made a focal point within the storyline because you see various characters setting up lighting kits, making it feel more real, and with that lighting we are able to see everything! Even when moving from outdoors to indoors there’s never a dark or dull spot where you’re trying to figure out exactly what’s happening. There’s a fireworks scene between clips with Bruce and Eveline talking about their relationship and the future of their careers, and I promise you their faces are as clear as day! Sometimes as fans we don’t appreciate the behind the scenes work, but when it’s infused in the actual storyline you can’t ignore it and with a job this well done we must acknowledge it.

Sexy Accents

I am a sucker for international accents and it makes international porn one of my favorite categories. Most of the ladies are from Europe with Tiffany and Lili Charmelle being Hungarian, and Eveline being Italian, then you throw Yenifer Chacon and her sexy Venezuelan accent in the mix and I’m officially on edge! Listening to these women read a old school phonebook is a blessing by any standard and even their moaning will drive you crazy. When Lili and Dean Van Damme are conversing over dinner just close your eyes and I swear you can hear the sex building up through those beautiful accents. I could listen to her repeat “I really like Los Angeles” on a loop for hours while picturing her walking down Sunset Blvd in an outfit that won’t quit with two hands full of shopping bags and all the guys stopping to stare at her. By the time we see Yenifer she’s already half naked and getting it in with Josh Jo, but that South American look and feel jump of the screen right away. Her long black hair and slim figure fit the mold perfectly and it’s joy watching her with all that info floating through your head.

Small Tits

I know big tits are all the rage inside and outside of the industry, but there’s something to be said about being able to grab a nice small handful and grope the hell out of those bad boys while hitting it from the side. Everybody in this flick is a member of the itty bitty titty committee and I’m telling you you’re going to love it! They fit into that euro model mold and look, their bodies are naturally slim, and even their tattoos are cute and petite in places that aren’t completely visible. I think those looks blend flawlessly with the theme and plot and enhance your fantasy by making it realistic when compared to what we as viewers expect. Job well done!

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