Free Use Family Secrets

Five Reasons to Watch: ‘Free Use Family Secrets’ (Featured Movie)

The lovely Crave Media has pumped out another perky and fun family-based sex romp, Free Use Family Secrets. Combining new, incredibly seductive and exciting starlets with established award-winning vixens, they’ve created another hit in their catalogue. Check out these five reasons to watch Free Use Family Secrets.

Kenna James’ perky tits and golden hair

Kenna James is one of those once in a generation performers that could have an award-winning scene with a broom. Her mere presence elevates the sexual tension. When she walks on camera the air in the room heats, particles begin rapidly accelerating and rubbing against the dicks and clits of all those who surround. Friction upon friction barrages every person in the room, and by the time Kenna gets her clothes off to fuck her step-family in Free Use Family Secrets, it’s no doubt you’ll already be fully erect, cock-in-hand, and ready to burst.

Pussy forward threesomes

Each scene contained in Free Use Family Secrets has not one, but two beautiful women each. These serene beauties partake in energetic and wet threesomes involving big ol’ dicks that easily and effectively satisfy their needs. Mia Kay and Lola Mai salivate over big daddy’s cock. Alice Pink and Dixie Lynn ride one guy like a rollercoaster at the local faire: dirtily and recklessly. Kit Mercer and Savannah Sixx get bent over and filled by a powerful patriarch. Finally, Kenna James and Kylie Kingston have a dreamy double blonde threesome that starts with an open pussy at the dinner table.

Family secrets are hot

It’s far more enticing as the viewer to know there’s character tension and plot implications when you’re watching grown pros screw the daylights out of each other. Watching Kit Mercer get railed over the kitchen island while Savannah Sixx watches? That’s great. But understanding the shyness, reservations, and dreaded desire flickering throughout their faces because they all live together and know what they’re doing is wrong, that’s high art. That’s amazing.

Alice Pink & Dixie Lynn’s threesome

Alice Pink and Dixie Lynn deliver the highlight performance of Free Use Family Secrets. Two petite young blondes attack the scene with ferocious carnal freedom and care-free attitude. They coordinate with precision, acting two halves to one sexually pleasing hole. They seduce their step-brother as one single unit, then once they’ve gained his trust, they ride him like a machine. Carefully taking turns blowing him, lubricating the stick for what’s to come. Then they cover him with young blonde pussy, one taking the face and the other taking the cock. He melts into the bed, completely consumed by nirvana. Meanwhile we all sit back and watch the spiritual epoch that takes place before us.

Birthday sex

It’s known throughout the world and history that birthday sex is the best sex. Every moment of the experience, from the idea’s conception to the moment you’re cleaning the post-sex juice crusts off your body, is filled with joy and happiness. To celebrate another’s life with hardcore lusty sex is poetically full-circle, to say the least. If you need evidence, look no further than Mia Kay and Lola Mai, they put up birthday decorations and wear silly little birthday hats while their pussies get eaten in the kitchen and they get drilled heavy in the bedroom. Can anyone say birthday tradition?


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