Five Reasons To Watch ‘My Stepdaddy Loves Cosplay’ (Featured Movie)

My Stepdaddy Loves Cosplay is our latest feature from Penthouse that’s sure to please. It’s cute, playful, packed full of stars, and most importantly the sex is spectacular. Each clip feels well balanced and authentic while hitting on all our classics porn wants and needs and the older/younger theme really jumps off screen during sex. The acting is perfect for the story and you’re definitely going to have fun and chuckle a few times.

My Stepdaddy Loves Cosplay porn video from Penthouse


Sometimes the low hanging fruit is easiest to pick and better to eat, which is why I’m telling you cosplay is one of the main reasons you need to watch this movie. Even if you aren’t into dressing up and going to conventions you have to admit women in costumes are sexy as fuck! Everything is skin tight to reveal every curve and to top it all off a colorful wig is the cherry on top that makes you feel like you’re really banging your favorite character. Just looking at Charly Summer in that pink wig makes me tingle in the right places! Porn is all about fantasy and it’s going to be difficult to find something that blends with it as well as cosplay.

Stepdaddy Taboo

Speaking of fantasies, something about the stepdaddy and daughter relationship always tends to push boundaries and Penthouse got it perfect in this one. You’d think the stepdads would hold most of the power since they should be in a position of authority, but when a pretty young thing, who also happens to live in your house, taunts you with a skin tight costume and naughty eyes, it’s hard not to break her little ass in! Luckily for us we get to watch it go down four times in four incredibly sexy clips that will leave you, and your family fantasies, fully satisfied.

Vanessa Sky & John Strong

Every clip in My Stepdaddy Loves Cosplay gets you were you’re trying to go, but Vanessa Sky and John Strong steal the show for me in the last clip. I’m slightly fangirling out because I absolutely love Vanessa, especially in that costume with the Storm wig on, but their energy and chemistry is palpable. John is super insensitive and doesn’t understand why his stepdaughter is dressing up when Halloween isn’t even close. Vanessa tries to lead him out of the dark ages but he still isn’t having it, and naturally this leads to them fucking on the living room couch. They make out like they’ve been waiting to do so for years, and neither star can keep their hands off each other. They make sure to pay attention to each other’s bodies during foreplay, the eye contact is amazeballs, and they fuck like they forgot a camera crew is in the room. Vanessa lets her slut flag fly high and I promise you’ll want to watch it over and over again.

Cheesy Plot

Spoiler alert: none of the stepdads actually like cosplay. In fact, most of them don’t know what the hell it is and can’t fathom why anyone would spend their time or money dressing up like fictional characters. Enter cool young hip stepdaughter wearing something mom definitely doesn’t, and just like that the old man is in love with everything cosplay! It’s the type of storyline that works perfectly in porn because it taps into the family fantasy, keeps viewers thoroughly entertained, doesn’t take much brain power, and even though we all know how it ends we refuse to skip a minute.

Older Guys Putting It Down

John Strong, Will Pounder, Derrick Pierce, and Mike Mancini do the damn thing! None of them are grandpas by any stretch of the imagination, but you wouldn’t be able to tell just how long they’ve been in the game watching them perform. Each stud meets his young counterpart’s energy and charisma easily while dicking them down and throwing experience their way with every stroke. At one point Delilah Day looks back at Derrick, eyes wide open, and you can see her thinking “okay daddy, you do know what you’re doing back there!” Guys never get enough credit in porn if you ask me, and these performances are worthy of our praise.


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