Five Reasons to Watch ‘Anal Envy’ (Featured Movie)

First Reason: Natural Anal Envy

Face it, we all have something that we envy – what better than a little ass. First to admire the look of a tight ass, a plump ass or a big ass, they all are just beautiful. After enjoying watching that ass you’ll want to tap that ass. That’s why the title of this movie is perfect, Anal Envy. Watching this film men and women alike will envy these asses as they get fucked hard.


Second Reason: Anna De Ville

Anna De Ville wants to try new things and suggest anal sex. Hmmm, what is a guy supposed to say to that? Of course! She is enjoying the after party alone with her hubby and his big black cock. They have been married a long time but have never tried anal sex, well know they will rectify that (pun intended). Things are heating up for this sexy brunette as they engage in some foreplay on the couch. She has some great tits and a lovely shoulder tattoo. She doesn’t waste any time getting her ass explored as she immediately ask him to start with his fingers to prep that ass. She wishes she could see it and wants to know how it feels in there. She changes positions to get it open wide so he can eat out that ass. She also request some spanking and he is happy to oblige. She wants to know how her ass taste, I don’t know how I feel about that, not sure if I could toss a salad like this guy is doing. He is going deep up in there like it is a fancy desert. She repays his attention with a deep throat blow job then hops on his dick for some hard fucking. I love how she puts her legs behind her head to open her ass wide for his cock to enter for the very first time. They have a great fuck and he seems to love every bit of it creampies her virgin ass.


Third Reason: Alexis Tae

Cutie Alexis Tae breaks in on her step-brother and his friend while they are playing video games. Once her brother leaves the room his friend takes the cue to pull down her pants and get a taste of that ass. Once he gets his tongue in there she can’t focus on the game but I think she is ok with that. This guy is going to town slurping his tongue into her ass, turn it up if you love the sound. Stepbro comes back into the room and they collect themselves quickly and send him off to the store so they can really get down to business. This hottie really does have a nice tight ass and he sticks that cock right in there and ass fucks her on the bed. She finally gives up on the game and turns all of her attention on the pleasures of getting ass fucked. I feel like these two may have done this before, it just seems too natural for them. They have great chemistry and they have great banter while she sucks his cock. It’s awesome to watch her body writhe all over while she bounces her ass on hid dick in multiple positions. Her body looks so glorious all covered in her own sweat. He cums right in the channel of her ass crack. I definitely have some envy after watching this scene which already has made the movie totally worth watching.


Fourth Reason: Nicole Doshi

Nicole Doshi is reunited with her lover and she has a surprise in store for him. She exposes that her sexy ass is stuffed with a gem heart anal plug. Now he knows what’s up but amazingly he takes a phone call from work. How does that happen? While he is on his video conference she continues to tease him by contorting her body into sexy positons and slowly undressing in his eyesight. As he watches her play with her pretty pussy he stumbles to find the right words to convey to his co-worker. Next she goes under the table to begin to fondle his cock making it even harder for him to concentrate. She licks his cock like a lollipop while he is in his video meeting. What an interesting dilemma. Woah, a major plot twist happens but I don’t want to give it away. You need a reason to watch this movie! What I can safely say is that Nicole is apparently the intern and he wants some ass and she wants to give some ass. The meeting is adjourned abruptly and she deep throats his cock immediately. He stuffs her pussy with his big dick there on the table. I’m really enjoying her body too, a nice set of tits. After some deep pussy penetration he goes for the ass pounding deep and hard with her moans of pure passion. She sucks her toes as he gets his rhythm going even stronger. They have a nice long “work” session that finishes with a big load spread all over her ass.


Fifth Reason: Jane Wilde

Lovely Jane Wilde is getting all dolled up and has a master plan going in her head for a fun evening. She calls up two of her ex-lovers to come over for a visit. Neither guy is aware of the other as they awkwardly discuss dating Jane with each other while waiting for her. Things are getting a little tense when Jane enters the room to reveal her ultimate plan. She tells them she has some explaining to do, they both are her two favorite exes and she has a proposition. She has some sexual things that she wants to try before she gets into her next relationship. She wants to be with two guys at once and they are the candidates. Now how would I answer this question if this happen to me? I really don’t think I would like it much, but then the lower brain would probably take over and it would be ok. That is surely what these guys have chosen. Hot girls always seem to get what they want. They get more comfortable and the clothes begin to come off. She does a great job of sucking on one cock while getting fucked by the other. She wants to ramp things up a bit by getting her first double penetration, I think she is ready. She gives them both a taste of fucking her ass before taking both cocks at once. What a threesome they all make as they fit together so nice. It seems like they all had a great time, I did watching them and you will too. The scene has that awkward goodbye at the end when the top brain kicks back in and they realize they simply were just used.


Final Thought

Anal envy is alive and well in this awesome movie. The first scene was ok, Anna Da Ville was hot but I wasn’t as into it as I was for the other three scenes. Alexis Tae in her scene takes the movie for me, if that story was true that would be an unforgettable life experience. I loved the plot twist in the scene with Nicole Doshi but you will have to watch to see exactly what happens with that office tryst. The last scene with Jane Wilde was also great because she is just so hot. I prefer my threesome scenes with two girls and one guy but that one worked for me, nicely done! I hate giving out 4.5 stars because our site has trouble displaying the half star but I feel like I have to dock it slightly for the first scene but dropping to just four stars feels too low because it’s a great movie.

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