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They May Not All Be Irish, But We Don’t Care: They’re Redheads, and That’s All That Matters.

Editor’s note: this post originally appeared on the GameLink blog in 2018.

They May Not All Be Irish, But We Don’t Care: They’re Redheads, and That’s All That Matters.

By: Val Williams

“There was never a saint with red hair.” That’s what the Russians say, and if you can’t trust a Commie to know who’s most likely to cause trouble, well, what has the world come to? Porn’s redheads may not be any more salacious than the blondes or the brunettes – or any of the many other colors that you can find the kids sporting nowadays – but their reputation is still…well, fiery. You can judge for yourself whether they’re any more volatile than any other demographic, but just look at them – Audrey Hollander’s cascading flaming tresses, Faye Reagan’s freckles, the creamy complexion on Marie McCray…what’s not to love? And while a natural redhead is great, we?ll take an artificial one with no reservations at all ? after all, if a girl wants to get in on the mystique of being a hot ginger, who are we to say no? So if you don’t have any sexy ginger women in your life, here are some of our favorite redhead porn stars to enjoy till you find one of your own (hint: move to Scotland or Ireland).

1. Jessica Robbin

Jessica Robbin’s career in porn was short but spectacular – she was one of the hottest gingers to come along in quite a while, with a gorgeous smile, a cascade of flaming red hair, and a smoking hot DDD rack on top of a sexy 32-26-37 body. Jessica hit the scene in 2012 and performed in dozens of movies before disappearing in 2016; she performed in a few fetish videos here and there, but for the most part, just sexy vanilla Jessica was enough for her fans.

2. Faye Reagan

Faye Reagan’s got it all – long, luxurious red hair, pale, creamy skin with freckles galore, and a lovely 34B-28-36 body that you just can’t keep your eyes (or your hands, or your mouth) off of. Faye can be innocent and charming or seductive and fiery, and she likes nearly everything. This Tennessee girl starred in more than 300 movies between 2007 and 2016, and while she may have retired from mainstream porn, we certainly hope we see more of her eventually.

3. Marie Mccray

Marie McCray began her career in porn as a teen webcam model, but she got caught and had to take a break till she came of age, at which time she became a nude model and then a stripper; when she was 22, she finally got into hardcore porn (Seems like nothing was going to keep her out of porn!), and she’s been one of the industry’s favorite redheads ever since. For all her youthful enthusiasm, Marie is definitely a veteran now, having starred in more than 300 titles since her 2007 debut.

4. Amarna Miller

Sexy Spanish siren Amarna Miller spent years as a photographer and model before she hit the big time in America, but she’s on the road to superstardom here, after having discovered Porn Valley on a round-the-world tour. Amarna started off taking nudes during ehr Fine Art degree years in Spain, but the lure of porn drew her in, and now the 33C-23-35 ginger has really broken out on the big stage.

5. Kylie Ireland

There’s a serious argument to be made that Kylie Ireland is the greatest porn redhead of all time – she’s been in nearly five hundred movies, she’s been performing for more than twenty years (she was inducted into the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame in 2005 and 2006 respectively, and has continued to perform since then), and she has been an icon in the industry as both a fresh face and as a MILF. We’re not saying it’s just because she’s a redhead – after all, she’s really, really good at what she does – but it can’t hurt that this spectacular Colorado native has such a lovely, unique look.

6. Claire Robbins

Claire Robbins looks like a high-society dame, but she fucks like a cum-starved dick vampire. Although she isn’t always a redhead, that’s when we like her best. Claire’s a native of Portland, Oregon who got into porn at the ripe old age of 19 in 2005, and she made her name as a ginger-haired hottie who loved to do it all. She loves anal so much that she retired from porn once and couldn’t stay away – she felt bad about leaving some dicks unfucked, so we lucky viewers get another chance at an older, wiser, sexier Claire. Her resume includes plenty of kink, girl/girl and interracial, but she loves a good old vanilla fucking too – especially if she can have more than one cock at a time. When it comes to hot redhead porn, Claire is one of our favorites. Check her out – she’ll be one of yours too!

7. Lily Cade

Lily Cade is just about the only lesbian whose movies I watch – two girls together without a guy just doesn’t float my boat, but Lily Cade really floats it. Dynamic, dominant and always energetic, Lily has a cute face and a head of butch-cut red hair to go along with her trim and sporty but still lush 32D-27-36 body. Lily never does men, but in this one case, I’m willing to let it slide because she’s so amazing as both a performer and director.

8. Zara Durose

Zara Durose isn’t a newcomer, exactly, but her face isn’t really a familiar one – she’s been in the business since 2013, but has only performed in a handful of titles and web scenes. Still, she’s on the list of sexy redheads because holy cow is she sexy. She’s one of those British girls who seems like she could either be on Downton Abbey or Skint – she can be posh and sexy or slutty and sexy. I mean, slutty is where you always end up in porn, especially if you’re sporting a set of E-cup fake tits, but still. Anyway, Zara is a hot property, and we hope she hits it big.

9. Audrey Hollander

Audrey Hollander doesn’t look like the kinkiest redhead in the world, but she just might be! In spite of her delicate, girlish look, Audrey could take anything that any porn stud – or any gang of porn studs – could dish out, and return it with interest. She wasn’t afraid to get as down and dirty as any girl anywhere, and her performances in US-marketed porn, while incredibly hot, are lightweight vanilla fare compared to some of the stuff she got up to in other places. Audrey’s 2006 AVN award for Female Performer of the Year was well-deserved!

10. Mz Berlin

I’d say Mz. Berlin is lean and mean, but she’s actually very curvy and mean, sometimes literally. Sometimes she’s all submissive and pain-slutty, and sometimes she’s a brutal dreamgirl dealing out the punishment to bad boys and girls in whatever dungeon she’s happened upon. Whatever she’s doing, whether it’s pegging, spanking, getting fucked by a remorseless machine, being whipped, or just fucking or being fucked by some lucky dude or (girl), this MILFy 34DD fireball is all in.

11. Cherry Poppins

This sweet-faced ginger princess had a remarkable ability to remain innocent looking no matter what was happening to any of her orifices. She was a standout performer in movies about naive little girls who get in over their heads. Having performed in more than 200 movies, she had every right to be jaded and world-weary, but she was always fresh and charming. She specialized in sloppy, enthusiastic blowjobs, and she loved just about everything she did. So did I.

12. Emily Davinci

French Canadian starlet Emily Davinci was sleek and sexy and a little firecracker. At 5’3″ and 110 pounds with a 35A-25-35 frame, she hardly seemed sturdy enough to stand up to the kind of pounding she routinely took from dixk after dick. I can’t say for sure that she was Quebec’s most anal redhead, but anyone wanting to wrest the title away from her would have some serious wresting to do. Emily performed in more than a hundred movies between 2002 and 2009, and we never got tired of her.

13. Misti Dawn

Geek queen Misti Dawn (also known as Misty) might be the hottest alt-redhead around. She’s got peaches-and-cream skin, flaming red hair, and more tattoos than a season of Fantasy Island. Misti has been around for a while, but she’s always been on the fringe of things; still, she’s one of my favorite ginger girls – she always has a sunny smile and you get the feeling that she’s a genuine geek, which is always a plus in a porn star.

14. Penny Pax

Penny goes back and forth between redhead and blonde, but she’s really cute no matter what color her hair is. A stalwart in bringing kink to the masses, Penny was nominated for and won several awards for her most famous work in the Submission of Emma Marx series, but she’s been in more than 350 other movies as well. Penny only stands five feet tall, but her presence in porn is way bigger than that.

15. Bobbi Bliss

Bobbi Bliss isn’t a member of any hall of fame, never won any major awards, and doesn’t have a rabid fan following or an active twitter feed; she won’t be on anybody’s list of the most famous porn stars of all time, but there was one thing about her that was truly amazing: Her ability to take any size cock and swallow it without any apparent effort or difficulty. You can have your quacking and gagging girls, your spit and drool and choking, but I’ll take Bobbi any time for pure skill. And she’s a redhead. Delicious.

Val Williams


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