In Depth Review: ‘MILFs For Sale’ (Featured Movie)

We are going to let every boys dream come true again with another MILF movie by Penthouse called MILF’s For Sale. The ladies featured in this film are Shay Sights, Caitlin Bell, Crystal Rush and McKenzie Lee. They are experienced MILF’s who need a deal to happen, and they know just what to do to a guy to get it done!


Shay Sights Closes the Deal


Sexy Brunette MILF Shay Sights is showing a younger guy the property but it doesn’t look so hot. She tried to make him envision all that it could be but it’s not working. He gets more annoyed with every deceptive detail he is learning about. Shay is beginning to get desperate to find a way to make him love this property.  She takes him to the master bedroom and he likes that room. He is done and wants to leave but she tells him “I will literally fuck you right now if you make an offer.” He shouted out an offer and she pushes him on the bed. I like her aggressive style taking control as she gives him deep kisses. They take their time with sexy foreplay throwing out sexy realtor puns. She really squirms and enjoys his luscious eating of her pussy. She returns the favor by deep throating his cock making it good and moist. She hops on top of him to fuck him hard and they really make the bed rock back and forth. He likes to move that cock in and out of her pussy deep and fast. He pounds so hard from behind then flips her over for some deep missionary. The finish sealing the deal together with some spoon fucking. I think they are both satisfied with this deal.


Customer Has the Hot for Realtor Caitlin Bell


Caitlin Bell is showing a young guy a house when he confesses he is only looking at the house because he wanted to meet her. He is a wealthy guy and offers to buy the house full price if he can get her on to the bed. She quickly exclaims “It’s a Deal!” She gets on the bed as he proceeds to remove all her clothes and kiss every part of her body and suck her toes. He obviously really wanted this hot MILF. Their bodies seem to be dancing together on the bed as she enjoys his every touch. Her big tits are quite nice, a very sexy body. I must give this guy some props, he is an incredible lover just taking him time to really pleasure her. Finally he lets her work on him as she sucks his cock and stroking it with her hands. They have incredible rhythm and fit together perfectly when she gets on his dick to control the ride. This guy really knows how to handle a woman, he fucks well. This would be a great date night scene that both the ladies and the guys would enjoy. The ending is hilarious!


Crystal Rush Takes Control of the Sale


Crystal Rush is a Realtor with a sexy accent who is working with a young buyer she suspects may be gay. She is a sexy looking brunette MILF with a nice body, pouty lips. She decides she wants him to prove that he is not gay and throws him to the couch offering an incentive to buy. She kisses him passionately and he reaches for her private parts. Their foreplay is pretty steamy, she is exotic. She reveals a beautiful set of tits that he buries his face into. They are getting a rhythm together before even getting all the clothes off. He loves the taste of her body as he licks every inch. Their chemistry together is really good. He really takes him time eating her pussy then she gives oral back to him. They fuck passionately there on the couch with a multitude of positions. He gives great variety going back for more pussy eating when they change the positions up. He sucks on her toes while pounding deep into her. He seals the deal by cumming all over her ass.


McKenzie Lee Offers to Help Break in the Furniture


McKenzie Lee is a Realtor showing off an impressive home to a young stud. He is in love with the home the second he enters the place. He looks like he is going to be an easy sale. She ask him if his wife will be happy with the sale. After that she offers to be the first one to break in the new couch. He agrees that it’s a good idea, how about that! The sexual vibe goes from 0 to 10 in seconds and her clothes begin to come off. Revealed are some big beautiful tits that he is happy to suck on and play with. Some oral pleasures quickly lead to hardcore fucking as she can’t wait for his big dick. She loves the way her pussy wraps around his cock as she gets pounded from behind. They finish in the spoon position and he cums all around her pussy. Another very satisfied customer.


Overall Opinion


These scenes are great to watch with your partner as they offer a great fantasy on unexpected sex but it is very passionate. All the clothes come off so we can enjoy every detail of these hot MILFs as they aim to please each customer. There is some really great sex between all the stars in this movie but the second scene with Caitlin Bell is the best. My expectations were greatly exceeded with what this film had to offer, add it to your watch list – you won’t be disappointed.

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