Blake Blossom Blacked Raw 60

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Blacked Raw V60’

A new installment of Blacked Raw can mean a lot of things. A few things we know for sure is it means hardcore, raw sex. It means the hottest, realest babes on the planet, and it means big dicks that these chicks can’t resist. Here’s five reasons to watch Blacked Raw V60

Impressive Penises

Blake Blossom and Madi Laine came packing serious heat in their skin tight jorts. John Cena would be proud! While you think to yourself, “who would be able to handle that much fine sexy ass?” You quickly begin to wonder, “can they handle that much dick?”  Because the size of this giant black dick in Blacked Raw V60 is cartoonishly large. Someone who walks around with a dick that big exists for one purpose only: fucking holes and fucking them good. I imagine anything else in life is pretty difficult with a dong like that dangling around all day smacking into things.

Blake Blossom’s Ride

Remember I told you about the tight short jeans? Well wait until you see them come off. Rising sexy porn slut Blake Blossom rips her bottoms off when she gets a glimpse of that monster cock about to hump her pussy and ravage her guts. She wants it so bad that she takes control and rides on top. It’s a fantasy moment as we see that bubbly booty that was stuck in the jeans smack down on top as she rides. Then she turns around and lets those titties flop and jiggle while she smashes her snatch down on that big beefy dick.


The more the merrier, especially when it comes to hot babes, big dicks, and sex. Blacked Raw V60 has not one but two hardcore threesome sex scenes that finds these girls tag-teaming to take on the biggest dick of their lives. After Blake Blossom and Madi Laine use their stacked asses to give us an incredible show, Coco Lovelock and Haley Spades take on a big dick challenge of their own. These petite angels attack with their mouths and swap turns trying to fit the cock in their mouth. Eventually they give up and use their pussies to try to drain the strength from the unstoppable beast!

Stacked Cast

Variety is the spice of life, and that applies to porn as well. When you have a big cast of skilled performers with different looks and styles, it gives the movie an evergreen protection. Blake Blossom, Coco Lovelock, Haley Spades, Mary Rock, Sia Siberia, and Madi Laine get fucked raw in their own special ways across four explicitly hardcore scenes. Now that’s something you can re-watch again and again and never get bored!


It’s been said before but it bears repeating, Blacked Raw is giving you no-nonsense, real sex scenes. No funky editing or annoying backdrops. They’re in the dim room and they’re getting sweaty and horny and they put their pieces together to complete an erotic sex puzzle. You know when you watch that you’re these girls get a fresh and new experience, and they’re taking on a new challenge that you get the pleasure of witnessing!

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