‘Mom Wants To Breed’ Featured VOD Review

Nubile Films is one of those studios that always pumps out great content but can sometimes go unnoticed and get lost in the sauce if you aren’t paying attention, which is why I was super stoked when Mom Wants To Breed landed in my lap. MILFs are something I know they’ve dabbled in before, but this one immediately looked like a banger and I can tell you now it does not disappoint. Every scene brings it’s own unique sex appeal to pretty much the same storyline, but it never gets boring. Who knew step son knocking up step mom could be so fun!?

Scene 1 – Jennifer White & Juan El Caballo Loco

Mom Wants To Breed porn video on demand from Nubile Films

Step mom Jennifer White just wants her baby boy healthy, and that’s understandable. When she swapped out Juan’s unhealthy breakfast with something a little more nutritious I was right there with her, but when she asked for his little spermies in a cup I knew we were taking a turn for the best. Trying to do as his step mom asks, Juan heads to the bathroom but he’s having a hard time concentrating so Jennifer steps in to help him out. He eats her pussy for starters, catching her cum in his mouth, and you can tell this has been on her mind for a while. When it’s her turn to orally please, she gives hi some of the most awesome sloppy toppy you’ll ever witness! Now listen, I am not a BJ girl. Nothing about sucking dick makes any sense to me and I usually skip the fourplay when watching porn anyway, but this one had me captivated. The way Jennifer balances her mouth, using her hand, and keeping the spit flowing even had Juan mesmerized. I’m pretty sure he would have dropped his load right there if he had the chance, but she pulled away just in time and jumped on his dick. She rides his cock for a good while and even cums on his dick before surrendering herself doggy style. Juan shows off his stroke as he makes her moan and groan while slapping her ass and leaving red handprints much to her pleasure. As his confidence grows so does his aggression and I think I enjoyed it just as much as Jennifer. He grabs her panties with one hand to pull her ass on his cock then flips on her her back and continues picking up the pace while fondling her clit. Here Jennifer begins talking her stop mommy shit and that just fuels Juan’s fire! He pounds her pussy as she has orgasm after orgasm and finally he cums in her pussy while she grabs hold of the bedsheets for dear life. Now, ready for the kicker? Jennifer’s plan the entire time was to get knocked up by her step son, and he fell right into the trap.

Scene 2 – Jessica Ryan & Diego Perez

Mom Wants To Breed porn video on demand from Nubile Films

As soon as Jessica Ryan walks through her new friend’s front door you can tell she’s up to something. She tells her friend’s son Diego to call her Aunt Judy even though they just met, and when he tells her his mom is sleeping she immediately suggest they do something to keep themselves occupied. It’s clear Diego is no match for Jessica’s seduction and before you can blink she’s all over his naive inexperienced ass. She whips out her tits and at that moment his light bulb switches on. She’s trying to get pregnant and wants him to do it, but he knows his mom is going to be super pissed! Hard dicks overrule moms any day though, and when Jessica deepthroats that bad boy Diego’s apprehension fades away slowly. I really like the titty fucking in this scene because Jessica uses it to play into every young man’s fantasy and establish her dominance. She talks dirty to Diego, telling him she wants him deep inside her pussy, and even makes him repeat after her. The buildup to him finally sliding in is epic, but I wish it wasn’t pov because I would have loved to see his face! I can imagine his eyes rolling back in his head, his mind racing from still being in total disbelief that this is actually happening, and Jessica laying back soaking it all up as she finally gets what she wants. Diego find his rhythm in the missionary position but there’s never a doubt that Jessica is running the show. She lays Diego on his back and beings to undress, and as he stares at her through his geeky glasses with his mouth wide open it’s obvious he’s going to knock her up just like she wants. She sits atop her thrown and bounces up and down making sure he doesn’t have the chance to pull out when the time cums. Lastly, he pounds away doggy style and busts his nut right in her coochie like she said he would.

Scene 3 – Nina Kayy & Oliver Flynn

Mom Wants To Breed porn video on demand from Nubile Films

While cleaning her step son’s room, Nina Kayy discovers some jizz stained sheets and confronts the young lad about banging his babysitter. Instead of getting angry she simply asks Oliver if he at least pulled out, to which he replies he tried to (I feel your pain Olly!) While discussing the politics of creampies, Nina tells Oliver to give his penis a break for a few days, but she’s also getting extremely horny, evidenced by her groping her breast. Pretty soon she can’t contain herself and before long her hands are wrapped around Oliver’s dick and she’s begging him to breed with her. After not getting any for a few days it doesn’t take much convincing to get Oliver to oblige. Nina motivates Oliver by telling him he’s much bigger and better than his father and reveals that she’s fantasized about fucking him before. Of course he likes her much better than the babysitter, siting her experience, and next thing you know the two are getting it in with Nina on top and clearly in control. She turns around so we get a perfect view of her ass while he grabs and slaps and jiggles that thing like someone bought him a new toy. She cums all over him but she’s nowhere near done with him, making sure to suck him off before letting him hit it from the back. Things heat up again towards the end as Oliver pounds away missionary with Nina telling him to keep going. He listens like any good son would and I seriously have no idea how he isn’t spraying jizz everywhere at this point! Nina is talking crazy dirty, throwing her pussy on his cock, and is one of the freakiest step mom’s I’ve ever seen! Her tattoos and hair separate her from your typical mom but she definitely still fits the mold, telling him what to do and getting exactly what she wants in the process. She gets hers one more time, juicing up his dick, and that turned out to be the cherry on top because he wasn’t far behind at that point. Even if Oliver wanted to pull out I don’t think he would have been able to. Nina’s pussy had a physical and mental hold on that boy and it was incredible to watch.

Scene 4 – Bunny Madison & Jay Romero

Mom Wants To Breed porn video on demand from Nubile Films

Bunny Madison is extremely angry with step son Jay Romero and I would not want to be that little shit! She drags him home by the ear from school for acting out in sex-ed class and when she realizes he thinks he already knows it all she decides to quiz him. Of course he fails, proving he knows nothing about anatomy or making babies so naturally she decides to teach him, but things go a little too far when Jay accidentally slips it in, bit it’s too late to turn back now. Both are horny, Jay being stiff as a rock and Bunny dripping down her own legs, so there’s no way they can stop and already I’m turned on by this story. Bunny knew exactly what she was doing, but poor yet lucky Jay had no idea he was being played while getting laid. Gotta love a mom in control! Slow at first, Jay can’t believe he’s actually inside of his dad’s wife and I’m pretty sure he’s going to skip sexual education from now on. Why go to class when your sexy ass step mom is willing to go hands on with you at home!? Bunny takes things to the next level instructing Jay to speed things up when he’s comfortable and to slow back down if he feels like he’s about to nut. She pulls out her titties to motivate the young man even more, talking softly to him about this being their little secret, and we’re off! Bunny begins to moan and groan letting her virgin step son know she’s about to orgasm and just listening to him breathe you can feel the intensity steadily rising. She gives him his first blowie and I’m convinced dude isn’t going to make it. He showers her with praise as his eyes stay fixated on her mouth and again I’m mesmerized by a blowjob! Probably sensing him about to bust, Bunny climbs on top of Jay and rides his cock before letting him take control and give it to her doggy style. He’s really feeling himself now, stroking in and out and making her cum repeatedly, when finally he reaches his limit and puts a baby in mommy right there on the couch where dad watches sports on tv! Jay is beyond impressed with the load he dropped but when he realizes a baby is a real possibility he starts to freak out. Bunny puts his mind at ease like any good mother would, and reminds him that daddy doesn’t have to know.

Overall, I really enjoyed Mom Wants To Breed and I think you will too. It’s lite with quirky storylines that keep you going, the cast is sexy and freaky, the sex is hot and relatable, and each scene carries it’s weight equally to give you a balanced movie that you can watch over and over again. Be sure to check it out for yourself and you can thank me later.

Mom Wants To Breed porn video on demand from Nubile Films

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