Five Reasons to Watch ‘Dare We Share’ (Featured VOD)

It’s a well-known and established fact that threesomes is every man’s fantasy. Fucking two girls at the same time is the ultimate dream. This movie from Devil’s Film brings that fantasy to life in four hot scenes with Casey Calvert, Paige Owens, Nicole Aria, Theodora Day, Jessica Ryan, Kay Lovely, Ava Sinclaire and Sonia Harcourt.

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Ava Sinclaire and Jessica Ryan Met the Same Man

Friends Ava Sinclaire and Jessica Ryan are talking about the new guy they are dating when many details seem to match up. Oh no, they are dating the same guy! They confront him and he is trying to navigate the tricky situation as they talk it out. They give him an ultimatum that he must choose one or the other. It’s turning into a competition between the two girls and they are going to do sex acts side by side to show him who is better. What a deal! He seems to be overwhelmed in a great way. They take turns giving blow jobs that are very over the top as they compete. There is lots of moaning as I think these two babes are enjoying the competition. He is definitely experiencing heaven on Earth. They begin fucking but for one of the girls it is for the last time. Then it blows into a real threesome as Jessica eats Ava’s Pussy while she gets fucked. They are working out some amazing positions so that all three get hardcore action at the same time. Then Jessica licks Ava’s ass while he eats her pussy, just wow! Then they turns the table and do this for him – that must be a hell of an experience. Once the attention turns to all fucking he has each girl in all different positions. At the end the girls kiss and swap his cum when they decide to both keep him.

Paige Owens Joins Her Roommate with Her Man

Kay Lovely has her guy over and they start a game of pool. The game is not going well and they are having a hard time getting any balls in the hole. After the game gets moving they invite the roommate Paige Owens to join in. The game is going slow so Paige introduces some new rules to make the game more interesting. She offers to remove clothes when there is a hot made. It doesn’t take long for all three to join in the new rules. Once the sex acts begin they forget the game of pool and Paige is invited to compete to see who is better at pleasuring Robby. They take turns sucking his cock before seeing who can be louder while getting fucked. They hop on and off his dick trash talking each other while getting it deep. These girls are extremely competitive and it’s a sight to see, let alone feel it. Kay enjoys getting pounded deep from behind while Paige licks her ass. As they try out many different positions they all make sure each person is getting some type of sexual satisfaction. At the end of the scene both girls compete hard for who gets to eat more cum.

Nicole Aria Confronts Her Friend Theodora Day

Two girls friendly discuss the fact that Theodora Day is cheating with Nicole Aria’s man. They each claim to be better at handling his needs. It leads them to come up with a plan to find out for sure who is better. They decide to share, they have him close his eyes as they both come in to begin pleasuring him. They pull his cock out and with his eyes still closes they begin their cock sucking competition. He finally realizes they are both sucking his cock and balls together. Surprise! He is completely incapacitated while they compete hard. The scene gets better when all of the clothes begin to come off. The girls do a little show for him then come back for more cock tasting. While they take turns fucking his cock they create some really beautiful positions. What a good fuck they are having as they all moan together in ecstasy. Nicole gets her faced glazed in cum while Theodora licks it off to get her taste. Excellent fucking scene.

An Accidental Discovery

Casey Calvert is anxiously awaiting her date when her friend Sonia Harcourt comes over and ask if she could borrow a purse for the night. As Sonia is getting the purse Casey’s man, a black stud comes in the room and he is ready for action. Casey slows him down telling him her friend is in the house when she reappears and recognizes the Isiah. He seems uncomfortable and excuses himself to the bathroom. They realize they are both seeing him and discuss that. In an awkward moment they try to come up with a solution that will involve all three of them. He begins to grope both of these hot girls as they kiss and adore him all over. It’s not long before he is pounding into Casey from behind while Casey eats Sonia’s pussy. Isaiah does a great job of satisfying them both with his big black cock. They trade back and forth fucking in every position. Sonia goes into a high pitched squeal while orgasming. The fucking is so intense it is great to be a spectator. Once he cums all over Casey’s stomach Sonia says “I was going to get jealous but there is plenty for both of us.” Not that is the right attitude!

Everyone is Getting Along

Everything you see in film these days seems do divisive but this movie brings conflict together. While some of these girls have an instant of anger or jealously they all realize that getting the cock is most important. They all decide to share like we were taught as children and then compete. The level of competition makes the sex the best ever and it is hot and intense to watch. The action is nonstop and this may be one of the best threesome films I have watched, you should check it out now.


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