Five Reasons To Watch ‘One Year Limit’

One Year Limit is a sexy, cute, funny flick from Wicked Pictures about a guy trying to figure out his dating life while still getting his freak on. Directed by Ed Nova and featuring with a star studded cast I knew this would be one to remember and I’m happy it didn’t disappoint. Be prepared to laugh out loud with this one and it’s sure to tickle more than your special places and leave you feeling light and fulfilled when you walk away.

One Year Limit porn movie from Wicked Pictures

Wicked Appeal

Everything Wicked Pictures releases is high end when it comes to production value and quality, but they never feel glamourous to the point of isolating any viewers and I’m convinced it’s great directing combined with great writing. They mastered plot oriented movies long before most even understood the concept, and they’re constantly able to provide incredible sex and mix it with drama, comedy, and romantic entertainment that keeps you glued to the screen even after you cum. As soon as you press play on a Wicked flick you’re guaranteed an amazing time that feels familiar enough for comfort but offers surprises to tickle your fancy that you never saw coming.


Threesomes are always fun to watch and fantasize about and in One Year Limit we get two! Both are FFM (my favorite!), and both are breathtakingly freaky. In the very first scene Kylie Rocket and Anna Claire Clouds tag team Seth Gamble in what starts out as a hilarious planned encounter between the three but turns into hardcore well balanced face paced sex that leaves you feeling like you want Seth’s life, for real. In the last scene we get our second threesome, featuring Nathan Bronson, Aubree Valentine, and Nicole Doshi, where Nathan finally starts to come to life sexually and get his groove on. In a surprise move Nicole invites her friend Aubree into her and Nathan’s sexcapades and the rest is history.

Nicole Doshi

Nicole plays an obsessed, slightly stalkerish but insanely hot chick that won’t leave Nathan alone or take no for an answer, and she puts on a show for the ages. Straight out of a lifetime movie, Nicole pops up at my man’s house, gets the password to his phone to take nudes, force feeds him food in bed, and freaks all the way the fuck out when he breaks up with her saying “it’s science.” She goes so far as to join the same dating site as Nathan and creates multiple profiles so she can get matched to him over and over again. It’s hilarious and scary at the same time watching him scroll through his phone before tossing it on the couch and trying to force images of Nicole out of his mind. But the best part is that she gets her guy in the end after matching and hooking up with friend Seth Gamble. Creepy persistence and a bit of jealousy pays off in the end I guess.

Honest Bromance

After breaking up with Nicole, Nathan doesn’t know what to do with himself and seeks advice from buddy Seth Gamble. Seth tells him to get back out there but first he needs to takes some pictures and present himself the right way. He instructs Nathan to take full body pics to show off the entire package on his profile and to throw on a suit for a little something extra (women like when you at least look like you’re going somewhere in life). Then it happens. Finally we have a grown man telling another grown man NOT to take and send dick picks! The world needs more of this, seriously. Nathan looks at Seth like he’s a crazy man and actually gets a little down and out when he realizes his main man isn’t playing around, but ultimately he listens to his friend, and even as I type this a tear comes to my eye. Guys, unless specifically asked for, please stop sending dick picks. We’re just sitting around laughing at them anyway.

Internet Dating

I’ve personally never met anyone on the internet, but I have been set up on blind dates (yes, sadly multiple) so I can relate to Nathan as he meets his matches in real life. He gets all dolled up and ready to meet his many options only to be let down time after time. The first girl is gorgeous but has a son and immature Nathan is definitely not ready for that, so that’s an instant no go. Next up is a chick with a banging body but she quickly announces that she’s been awake for 37 hours and them passes out at the table when he asks her what the hell is going on? Just as all hope seems lost Nathan gets another match and this time it’s sexy ass Zoey Sinn. After the night he just had games are no longer an option and he tells her straight up he wants to fuck. Of course, Zoey is down and when she shows up at his front door looking like a snack Nathan knows it was all worth it.

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