Things Your Wife Won't Do 5 porn video

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Things Your Wife Won’t Do 5’

Things Your Wife Won’t Do? Well, number one, she definitely wouldn’t miss this excellent new release from Nubile Films. Check out our rundown of five reasons to watch!

The abiding power of three

No matter how many times it’s been explored onscreen, the threesome genre rarely gets old, particularly in the hands of porn masters like Nubile Films. In Things Your Wife Won’t Do 5, the loose theme of sanctioned extramarital exploration provides all the necessary juice for a series of four boy/girl/girl threesomes.

The shy best friend

We all have that one friend, right? The one who always seems to have all the answers, who always seems to know exactly what to do and when. In scene one, Mia Trejsi plays the confident companion to Nessie Blue, who is recruited to complete a threesome with Mia’s boyfriend. Though she and Mia can’t resist making out before they enter his apartment, her wide-eyed stare conveys that she’s new to threesomes. It won’t be long, though, before she fully embraces this new adventure.

The sexy side of podcasting

Podcasts are the perfect companion for modern life. Alex Coal and Evelyn Claire host a casual show themed around love and lust. There’s some amusing byplay as they share their fantasies. (Evelyn gets in some very funny, light-hearted jabs at Alex for the logical fallacies in one of her favorite fantasies.) While the segment plays fast and loose with the reality of podcasts (would a show like this really be done live?), it compensates with a stirring threesome featuring BF Codey Steele. Coal and Claire has such a winning chemistry that I hope someone, somewhere does connect them for an actual podcast. (And if it leads to the occasional threesome, hey, that wouldn’t be the worst thing either!)

Nerds rule

Once upon a time, being a nerd meant mercilessly teasing. A raft of positive pop culture like The Big Bang Theory has revitalized the image of the nerd into something hipper and more desirable. Scene three plays up the sexy side of nerdiness by letting us eavesdrop of the threesome of two bookish beauties and the hard stud they entice to join them. They even leave their sexy specs planted firmly in place as they tag team his hard dick, resulting in one of the movie’s most memorable images.

Anna Claire Clouds

Ever since Francesca Le name-checked her as a rising new performer in an in-depth podcast interview, Anna Claire Clouds has been our list of stars to watch. She offers another strong performance here, playing an adventurous woman who convinces her boyfriend to experiment with sense play. Blindfolded, he isn’t quite sure what he’s in for. He soon discovers the same thrill the audience has been experiencing through three scenes: an orgasmic threesome courtesy Nubile Films!

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