Muses Vol. 1

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Transfixed Muses Vol. 1’

“Tell me, O Muse, of that ingenious hero who travelled far and wide . . .” The famous opening lines of Homer’s Odyssey could very well have been describing the trajectory of Adult Time‘s Transfixed, which has plotted a porn journey to rival any Greek hero. Check out five reasons to watch a new featured vid from the brand, Transfixed Muses Vol. 1.

Tea time like you’ve never seen it before

Shades of pink fill the screen as we drop in on Khloe Kay and Jane Wilde, who are enjoying a heavily costumed high tea. Really, why hasn’t tea time caught on to a greater degree in the United States? It’s a fun, frothy tradition, particularly when it takes a hardcore turn the way this particular tea does. After sensually feeding each other delectables from the tea table, Wilde and Kay keep the playful spirit alive by batting around balloons. They pleasure each other with oral foreplay, eventually building to a full-on 69. The bath of pink light keeps the tone consistent throughout, fulfilling Kay’s stated goal to make the scene “very hyper-lesbian and full of passion.”

Opulence all around

The opulence begins with Kay’s tea-time scene, but it doesn’t stop there. In scene two, Emma Rose and April Olsen enjoy a dalliance in a room so marvelously well appointed, it looks like it could be the setting of a Vogue fashion shoot. These atmospheric touches help bring the finely wrought vision of each featured star beautifully to life. Speaking of which . . .

Creative power in creative hands

The movie’s three scenes are drawn from Transfixed’s monthly Muses series, a 2022 Adult Time innovation that puts top trans talent in the driver’s seat. “MUSES is all about showcasing the amazing talent we work with here at Transfixed and offering them complete creative control,” noted the company in a recent press release touting a new volume of the series. Bree Mills, Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer, has often spoke of her goal to empower creative voices, and Muses is one of the most exemplary incarnations of that vision.

All the proper tools

The movie’s third and final scene focuses on a motorcycle mechanic who meets an engine-revvin’ beauty, Jade Venus. While that may sound like a considerable tonal departure from the movie’s first two scenes, a similar air of romance pervades the action. The pensive guitar music suggests the easygoing chemistry of two people who are no longer at war with their own desires. Venus, ever the watchable and charismatic performer, somehow finds a way to turn even the twirling of a socket wrench into a compellingly sensual act. Leather and neon help create a sense of urgency in a hookup that ends with Venus emptying her load on Brooklyn Gray‘s tongue.

A new look at trans porn

Jade Venus said it best when speaking about her scene on Transfixed’s official website: “This is really, really important to me, because trans girls are never given opportunities like this. We are only fetishized.” Muses isn’t interested in the usual trans porn playbook, which accents the supposed exotic otherness of its featured performers. Instead, it allows innovative sexual visions to play out in a completely organic way, devoid of the sometimes tired tropes of fetish porn.

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